Mickey Mouse has a dream he enters his mirror and sees things as they are on the other side of the glass in the 1936 Walt Disney Animation Studios short, “Mickey Thru the Mirror.” Mickey goes through the mirror and has a fight with a deck of cards, has issues with the telephone, rocking chair […]

Disney takes on another classic fairy tale during its Silver Age of Animation with “Sleeping Beauty” and it leads to a complete overhaul of how Disney animation is produced going into the 1960s. This film lost money and many consider it a flop for its time but today it is regarded as one of the […]

Mickey Mouse and friends are back for the second season of “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.” Instead of releasing two shorts per week; this season, the shorts are being separated by season with three shorts put together to make a 25 minute episode. The first of these episodes focuses on winter in “The Wonderful […]

It’s time for another Disney+ Battle where we pit two animated Disney movies against each other and, completely subjectively, compare and contrast them to see which one is “better.” This week, in honor of the Puppy Bowl, it’s a battle of two of Disney’s best films about dogs. So, let’s see who wins between “Lady […]

The Walt Disney Animation Studios tackles love and dogs in the 1955 animated classic “Lady and the Tramp.” The movie follows Lady, a cocker spaniel, as she is adopted by a loving family and is their pride and joy until a baby comes along. But, when Darling and Jim Dear go away and bring in […]

The three blind mice meet the three musketeers in the 1936 Walt Disney Animation Studios short, “The Three Blind Mouseketeers.” In this eight minute short, Captain Cat is trying to set a trap for the Three Blind Mouseketeers. But the Mouseketeers keep avoiding the traps intended to capture them by luck and chance since they […]

The Big Bad Wolf is training his three little wolves how to capture the three little pigs in the 1936 Silly Symphonies Short, “Three Little Wolves.” Practical Pig is building a “Wolf Pacifier” to protect the pigs from the wolf. But the other two pigs keep blowing the wolf horn as a prank. When they […]

The company that has made children happy for more than 100 years takes on the story of the boy who never grows up in “Peter Pan.” The 1953 animated film follows Peter Pan as he takes Wendy, Michael and John to Neverland to live with him and the lost boys. But, when Tinkerbell becomes jealous […]

A young elephant is ashamed of his trunk after being mocked by the other animals where he lives, but learns to love it when he uses it to save his tiger girlfriend in “Elmer Elephant.” The young tiger is celebrating her birthday and Elmer is showing up with a present. But, when she goes up […]

The Walt Disney Animation Studios takes a wild look at the animation narrative with the second film from Disney’s Silver Age, “Alice in Wonderland.” The film follows Alice as she chases the White Rabbit down the hole into Wonderland where she meets the craziest bunch of characters ever put to animation. She meets Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum, […]

The Walt Disney Animation Studio decides to go old school with its 2013 Mickey Mouse short, “Get A Horse!” What looks like it’s going to be an old black and white short like when Mickey Mouse debuted quickly crosses over into a more modern style of animation when Mickey is thrown through the screen and […]

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” And, with that iconic lyric, one of the most famous Walt Disney Animated features made its way into theaters and into our hearts way back in 1950 before “Cinderella” eventually made its way into our homes and on Disney+. The story is as old as time, to […]

We’re back with another Disney+ battle. This week, it’s a battle of two of the classic films of Disney’s Golden Age of Animation as “Pinocchio” faces off against “Dumbo.” “Pinocchio” is the second feature length animated film produced by Disney while “Dumbo” is the fourth. So let’s take a look at who wins this classic […]

As Mickey, Minnie and Goofy get ready to celebrate Christmas, Donald and Daisy are getting ready to fly south for the Winter in “Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special.” Donald really wants to celebrate Christmas, so he decides to stay despite needing to leave the cold. But when he becomes sick; Mickey, Minnie […]