This week, Disney’s ESPN has announced a brand new documentary called “American Son”, which will be the latest instalment in the popular “30 For 30” franchise. “American Son” captures a pivotal moment in sports and history, as it chronicles the remarkable journey of Michael Chang, a young tennis prodigy whose ascent to fame coincided with […]

Months ago, Disney announced ESPN was partnering with Warner Brothers Discovery and FOX on a brand new sports streaming service, which will bring together the collective companies’ portfolios of sports networks and ESPN+ – including content from all the major professional sports leagues and college sports. The platform will aggregate content to offer fans an […]

Disney’s ESPN has announced a brand-new documentary film called “No Scope: The Story of FaZe Clan”, which is going to be the latest documentary from the “30 For 30” series. No Scope: The Story of FaZe Clan is a wide-ranging, eye-opening, and unsparing documentary of the popular gaming brand, and the remarkable series of ups […]

Disney’s ESPN has announced a brand new documentary film, which will be released as part of the popular 30 For 30 franchise. This new docuumentary is called “False Positive” Butch Reynolds was one of the biggest track and field stars in the world, a talent in his prime on top of his sport. But when […]

Disney’s ESPN has announced a new documentary film called “Dude Perfect: A Very Long Shot”, which will be heading to ESPN on August 3rd 2024, at 9:30 ET, and it will also be available to stream on ESPN+. “Dude Perfect: A Very Long Shot” traces the meteoric rise of a group of friends from College […]

Disney’s ESPN has announced a brand-new documentary called “I’m Just Here for the Riot”, which is part of the popular documentary series, “30 For 30”. On June 15, 2011, the Canucks’ Game 7 Stanley Cup Finals loss to the Boston Bruins sparks a massive riot in downtown Vancouver. Police cars are overturned and burned, windows […]

Disney has announced that ESPN has signed a new media rights deal with League One Volleyball (LOVB), the largest brand in youth volleyball with its professional volleyball league, which is launching in the U.S. later this year. This new deal will see pro matches across its linear networks and digital platforms, which include ESPN, ESPN2, […]

Following today’s announcement that an ESPN hub would be added to Disney+ in the United States by the end of the year, ESPN has announced that for the first time ever, the marquee Opening Night doubleheader for the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) will be available on Disney+, ESPN2 and ESPN+ on Tuesday, May 14th […]

Disney has announced that by the end of the calendar year, there will be a new ESPN hub within Disney+ in the United States, which will offer select live sports and programming from Disney’s sports programming.  Next year, Disney will also be launching a full version of ESPN on Disney+ in the United States. Bob […]

Last year, it was revealed that Disney was looking for strategic partners for ESPN, which included talking with communication companies, along with sports leagues like the NFL, NBA and NHL. Disney currently owns 80% of ESPN, and Hearst owns 20%. Back in January, it was revealed that the NFL and ESPN were in “advanced talks” […]

Following the success of multiple Disney+ Originals based on British Football, such as “Welcome To Wrexham,” “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story,” and “Save Our Squad,” it looks like Disney is in talks with Manchester United to create new documentaries about one of the biggest Football blubs in the world. According to the Athletic, this […]

After more than twenty years at Disney, Aaron LaBerge, who is the President & Chief Technology Officer for Disney Entertainment and ESPN, is leaving the company to become the new Chief Technology Officer at Penn Entertainment, which is behind the ESPN Bet app. While working at Disney, Aaron was responsible for driving all technology and […]

Earlier this year, Disney made a major announcement for a brand new untitled sports streaming service, where ESPN would be teaming up with FOX and Warner Brothers Discovery to offer a bundle of the companies’ portfolios of sports networks and sports services – including content from all the major professional sports leagues and college sports. […]