In this informative, touching documentary loosely based on the book by Naoki Higashida of the same name, we tour the world to visit many different people on the autistic spectrum. As we watch them struggle to cope in a world that overwhelms them, their families are interviewed, helping to give us even just the tiniest […]

Quartet is a cosy, mildly comedic drama that focuses on the residents of a retirement home with struggling finances for professional musicians. Reg (Tom Courtenay), Wilf (Billy Connolly) and Cissy (Pauline Collins) plan to raise funds with a performance at the annual concert for classic musician Verdi’s birthday. However, they lack the star power to […]

This drama comedy sees a group of unconnected retirees all make the decision (for various different reasons) to move to India in hopes of finding a better life at a new luxury retirement home. What they find is far from expected, thus leading everyone down a path of self-discovery as they adjust to their new […]

In this gently comedic tale of unexpected romance, copywriter Jessica (Jennifer Westfeldt) struggles on the blind dating scene, when her work colleague Josh (Scott Cohen) accuses her of not taking chances. Taking this to heart, she answers Helen’s (Heather Juergensen) advert in hopes of enjoying a lesbian experience. Initially aiming to be merely friends with […]

This 5-part limited series follows four friends across a decade (1981 through 1991) as their hopeful, extravagant existence among the gay scene of London is gradually encroached on by the ghoulish spectre that is the AIDS virus… I know what the vast majority of my readers are probably thinking right now: “I go on Disney+ […]

Murder on the Orient Express sees “perhaps the world’s greatest detective” Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) invited onto the titular, legendary locomotive where he is propositioned for his services by a shady businessman (Johnny Depp) who fears that his life is under threat from one of his fellow passengers. While he is quite correct, unraveling just […]

The Big Bad Wolf is training his three little wolves how to capture the three little pigs in the 1936 Silly Symphonies Short, “Three Little Wolves.” Practical Pig is building a “Wolf Pacifier” to protect the pigs from the wolf. But the other two pigs keep blowing the wolf horn as a prank. When they […]

In this What’s On Disney Plus Podcast episode, Roger and James discuss their thoughts on the new Disney+ Original series, “Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2” and the trailers for “Muppets Now” and “Hamilton”. They also discuss: Disney Delays “Mulan” Again Disney Channels In The UK To Close Later This Year   If you enjoy […]

The third episode of ”Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2”, continues to give us an insight into the making of this enormous smash hit animated movie. With the film still over six months away from its premiere, the creative team including directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, along with the producer Peter Del Vecho, continue […]

Disney offers its second film in the sequel trilogy with “The Last Jedi” and along the way further divides the Star Wars fan base. Rian Johnson takes over as director for this second film of the trilogy. He provides a different take on the saga that critics called the best film since “The Empire Strikes […]

We are now past the halfway point of the first season of Disney+ Original series, “Diary of a Future President”, with the sixth episode called “Habeas Corpus”. Following the events of the previous episode, where Elena threw Orangeade all over her former best friend while protesting about the school’s mascot, she ends up in detention […]

In this What’s On Disney Plus Podcast episode, Roger and James discuss all of this weeks big Disney+ news including lots of new shows being announced including the return of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Quest. The guys also share their thoughts on the new shorts, Toy Story’s Lamp […]

The third episode of Encore sees former Michigan Flint Central High School students come back together over 20 years later to do an encore of their performance of “The Sound of Music”. This episode is the poorest I’ve seen so far, while I really enjoyed the first episode, three episodes in, it’s starting to become […]