A grasshopper plays the fiddle all during the harvest season while a colony of ants collect food for the winter, and when winter comes the grasshopper is stuck out in the snow with nothing to eat and ends up at the ants’ door begging for help. The Walt Disney Animation Studios took the classic fable […]

Five years ago, Pixar went prehistoric and produced what is considered by many to be the worst film the studio has ever delivered with “The Good Dinosaur.” Arlo is the smallest dinosaur in his family. But, he’s looking to make his mark on his family’s grain storage bin just like the rest of his family. […]

The Big Bad Wolf is back and after failing to capture the three little pigs, he now sets his sights on Little Red Riding Hood. But, two of the three pigs accompany Little Red Riding Hood on her journey to her grandmother’s house. It’s a nice blending of two classic fairy tales that have the […]

“I can do this all day.” That’s a phrase that after 10 years, 3 solo movies and 4 Avengers team ups, we associated with Captain America. And, we first heard it when a scrawny Steve Rogers was getting beat up in an alley in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” In this origin story, Steve Rogers […]

Disney takes on the classic fairytale Rapunzel and rushes deeper into the Revival Era with the fully 3D animated film, “Tangled.” This year marks 10 years since the film was released in theaters and it is by far the most interesting take on the story of Rapunzel I’ve ever seen. This film came out before […]

A filmmaker takes a massive road trip across the United States of America to meet some of the most inspiring people in the country in the 2004 film, “America’s Heart and Soul.” Louis Schwartzberg finds Americans from every region of the country who help demonstrate America’s capacity for greatness. We learn more about the majestic […]

Disney tackles the story of “The Three Little Pigs.” The short from 1933 focuses on the three pigs who build houses; one from straw, one from sticks and one from bricks; as they are attacked by a big bad wolf trying to blow their houses down. It’s a familiar fable for many kids. This is […]

“Remember me, though I have to say goodbye.” With those words, Disney and Pixar launched one of the most popular films in the Pixar canon and paid tribute to the Mexican culture in the film “Coco.” The filmmakers studied the culture surrounding the holiday of Dia de los Muertos, also known as the Day of […]

Jack Skellington finds his way out of Halloweentown and tries to take over Christmas leading to disastrous results in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” After celebrating a successful Halloween, the Pumpkin King himself; Jack Skellington; accidentally finds his way to the land of Christmas. He decides to put his own spin on it and it leads […]

Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Homer and the rest of “The Simpsons” introduced us to an interesting concept way back in season 2 with the “Treehouse of Horror.” The very first edition featured Homer listening to his kids telling scary stories in their treehouse. It’s one of the best Halloween traditions on American TV and is one […]

Mater has been playing pranks on the residents of Radiator Springs, so they decide to get him back by playing a prank on him in “Mater and the Ghostlight.” In this short based on “Cars,” Sheriff decided to teach Mater a lesson about his pranks by telling Lightning McQueen and Mater the story of the […]

A witch leaves behind Halloweentown to raise her half-human children in the mortal realm, but when her mother shows up on her oldest daughter’s 13th Halloween, her kids are introduced to the world of magic and monsters she tried to protect them from in “Halloweentown.” This is one of the most popular Disney Channel Original […]

Mickey, Donald and Goofy are ghost exterminators hired to remove four ghosts from a home. But, when they arrive, the trio finds the ghosts are the ones who called them, because the house has been abandoned for years and the ghosts are lonely. The trio inadvertently scare the ghosts away when they fall into molasses […]

Before he was building a person out of the parts of deceased people, a young Victor Frankenstein brings his dog back to life in “Frankenweenie.” Victor wants to be a scientist, but his dad thinks he’s isolated and wants him to try baseball. After Victor hits a home run, his dog Sparky chases the ball […]

The Walt Disney company takes on Halloween with a film based on one of the most popular attractions at the Disney parks in “The Haunted Mansion.” In the film, Eddie Murphy stars Jim Evers, a workaholic real estate agent looking to make a big sale when he brings his family to the mansion. After staying […]