DisneyNature gives viewers a look at the life of a polar bear as she grows from a cub to an adult and has a cub of her own in the new documentary “Polar Bear.” The documentary is presented from the perspective of the cub and is narrated by Catherine Keener. The filmmakers present it in […]

One of the best additions to the Disney family as a result of the 20th Century Fox purchase has been National Geographic. From all their award-winning documentaries and series, it fits right in with the Disney family. So much so, that on the launch of Disney+, Nat Geo received its own tile hub on the […]

Legendary producer Don Hahn gives us a tour through the iconic Walt Disney Archives in this new documentary on Disney+. Hahn gives the viewers a tour through some of the greatest bits of history of the Walt Disney Company; introduces us to early documents, World Series rings, Disneyland attraction vehicles, the Disney Legends park, and […]

Disney+ and Marvel Studios are once again giving fans an inside look at the making of its most recent original series, “What If…?” This behind-the-scenes documentary gives everyone a look at the preparations, the animation, and the decision-making that brought this comic book storyline to the streaming service. It also introduces us to Jeffrey Wright, […]

Sharks seems to be gathering in groups to travel and hunt in the latest National Geographic documentary, “Shark Gangs.” This film takes a look at these growing groups of sharks and how they behave. Marine biologists and shark researchers dive deeper into the types of sharks in gangs and if they are by design or […]

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth joins marine biologists as they study the shark population off the coast of Australia and look for ways for humans to peacefully coexist with the ocean’s top predator. This special for National Geographic gives us an up close and personal look at some of the oldest sharks in the waters and […]

A marine biologist who invented one of the world’s very first shark bite suits is back in the waters testing materials for a new suit designed to withstand the bites of bigger sharks like Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads in “Man vs. Shark.” Jeremiah Sullivan used chainmail to create the early suits that withstood the bites […]

Go back and meet the brother songwriting duo responsible for some of Disney’s most popular songs from some of its most beloved classics in “The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story.” This documentary details the lives and careers of Robert and Richard Sherman. The brothers wrote many of the classic songs for Disney’s hits in the […]

National Geographic photographer Sandesh Kadur takes us to his home country of India as he searches for the wild Leopards in the Himalayas. While there he finds more than just regular leopards, but also, two of the most difficult leopards to spot in the wild; the snow leopard and the clouded leopard. You can really […]

In the 1940s, Walt Disney and a group of animators, musicians and others headed to Latin and South America as part of a US government funded trip to help recruit allies ahead of direct American involvement in World War II. The 2008 documentary “Walt and El Grupo” takes a closer look at that trip as […]