A marine biologist who invented one of the world’s very first shark bite suits is back in the waters testing materials for a new suit designed to withstand the bites of bigger sharks like Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads in “Man vs. Shark.” Jeremiah Sullivan used chainmail to create the early suits that withstood the bites of the smaller sharks, now he’s working with lighters, but stronger materials so undersea divers don’t have to hide in cages around the larger sharks.

This is an excellent documentary from National Geographic that I’m sure was a major focus of any thing similar to shark week that appeared on the National Geographic channel when it was released. The viewer quickly learns about Sullivan’s credentials as a marine biologist, his work studying sharks and his work trying to keep others safe while they study sharks. It’s one of the best documentaries National Geographic has produced, in my opinion.

I love learning about the different types of sharks and how marine biologists, specifically Jeremiah Sullivan study them. It’s really cool to learn about the bite force, the jaw strength and the muscle strength of the sharks and what makes them so dangerous. It was really interesting to see how it wasn’t what Sullivan first thought that makes the bigger shark bites so much worse. Even though, I know that neither National Geographic nor Disney+ would release a documentary that shows a man being mauled to death by a shark, I was worried when I saw Sullivan in the early testing stages not wearing any protective equipment on his body. I don’t know what led to that decision, but he knows far more about sharks than I, so I’ll defer to his expertise, but that didn’t look safe.

I love the documentaries on Disney+ from National Geographic. They are more informative and easier for an adult to sit through than the DisneyNature documentaries. I also really love shark documentaries so I hope to see more of them added in the future. This is definitely one I would recommend for anyone interested in documentaries, shark or marine biology.

Ranking: 4 stars out of 5

What did you think of “Man vs. Shark?”

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