Mike Tyson’s controversial relationship with Robin Givens is the focus of episode 3 of the Disney+ and Hulu Original series, “Mike.” While we see some of his fights in this episode, it’s less about the boxer and more about the man. We learn about his struggles with fidelity and how he puts the blame on […]

Disney has announced details on the cast for the upcoming Korean Star Original series, “Connect”, which will be coming soon to Disney+ This new crime-thriller series will follow a man who is suddenly kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters. He awakens following the procedure to find one of his eyes missing, however, discovers that […]

In this unique sci-fi/fantasy adventure, a socially awkward teenager (Hayden Christensen) finds himself in a life-threatening situation when he discovers that he has incredible teleportation abilities. After choosing to use them to rob banks and travel the world, he attracts the ire of an organisation led by Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) which views him as […]

A therapist gets more than he bargained for when he takes on a new patient in the new series, “The Patient.” Steve Carell stars as Dr. Alan Strauss, a therapist who is trying to get his life back to normal following the death of his wife. He takes on a new patient who ends up […]

A former CIA operative has been hiding out for 30 years under a fake identity when he’s discovered by someone trying to kill him in “The Old Man.” He must go on the run while his old friend and colleague, who is now a high ranking FBI official, must track him down and capture him. […]

Mike Tyson gets out of the juvenile detention center and turns into a champion boxer in the second episode of the Disney+ and Hulu Original Series “Mike.” Episode two follows Tyson’s journey as he is released from juvenile detention and his manager decides to adopt him to help him stay out of legal trouble and […]

A young chef leaves the world of fine dining and returns home to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop following the death of his brother in the new comedy and drama series “The Bear.” Jeremy Allen White stars as Carmy, a man who knows his way around a kitchen, but whose brother wouldn’t let […]

Fourteen teams of women are making history in Australia as they play in the first ever women’s Australian Football League. “Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW” is the first series for Disney+ internationally, and Hulu in the United States, commissioned from Australia. It follows four teams from this league and tracks the struggles and […]

Mike Tyson is known for delivering knockout punches but the docuseries looking at his life is far from a knockout. The first episode covers Tyson’s life growing up in New York, his many run-ins with the law, his stint in a juvenile detention center, how he developed his love for boxing and his world title […]

In this engrossingly intimate film by ESPN, the life of the legendary Bruce Lee is explored in detail both by those who were closest to the man himself and cultural experts who have chronicled the politically tumultuous times that he lived through. All of which is complimented by rare revealing archive pieces that reveal more […]

The NBA team that helped turn the league into the massive success that it is today with their spectacles gets the docuseries treatment in the new Hulu and Star series, “Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers.” The first episode looks at when Jerry Buss bought the team and turned them from just a […]

In this hard-hitting true crime documentary, ABC News Studios takes an unflinching look at the life of infamous New York Mafia underboss, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, as it interviews both the man himself and those who were most affected by his ruthless lifestyle. Take a deep dive into the psychology of a man who did […]