A former CIA operative has been hiding out for 30 years under a fake identity when he’s discovered by someone trying to kill him in “The Old Man.” He must go on the run while his old friend and colleague, who is now a high ranking FBI official, must track him down and capture him. Along the way, we learn how the man we know as Dan Chase or Johnny Kohler turned his back on an asset in Afghanistan and ran off with the woman who the asset loved before a big twist reveals too much about his family’s life and the connection of another FBI agent to his family.

This is an excellent series to check out on Disney+ or Hulu depending on what country you are located in. It’s a suspenseful thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat every step of the way. Jeff Bridges, who is great in everything, shines as the lonely CIA operative who is now a widower after his wife’s passing and fears he may be developing some form of dementia before he has to go on the run to save himself and his family. You can feel his temperament all the way through this show. He is calm yet sinister. He is not seeking to kill just to kill but will kill to defend himself or the family he has spent 30 years building.

The other amazing part of this series is the relationship between Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow. You can tell their characters are friendly and respectful. They are old colleagues who veered off in different directions as they aged and are now on opposite sides of the coin. Lithgow doesn’t want to see his old friend captured but he has to do it in some way. He hires a hitman to kill Bridges because, in the end, it’s better for everyone involved if Bridges is dead rather than brought in. It’s a difficult decision but one he knows he has to make. These are two incredibly strong actors who play well off each other. Both of them come off as more appealing characters after each interaction.

The only downside is the twist at the end. It was meant to be shocking, but had been telegraphed throughout the season. It’s a good twist overall, but they made the set up too obvious. Still, it’s a good show that exercises your mind as you are watching it. It’s already been renewed for a season two and I can’t wait for that to hit Hulu or Disney+. I know it’s a ways off, but this is one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in a while.

Ranking: 4.5 stars

What did you think of “The Old Man?”

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Jeremy Brown

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