On Valentine’s Day in 2025, Marvel Studios is releasing the next instalment, “Captain America: Brave New World”, which sees Anthony Mackie take to the big screen after becoming the new Captain America in the Disney+ series, “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”. Little is known about the plot of the upcoming film, but it’s expected […]

With Marvel films and shows suffering from a box office glut and ratings decline, due to an array of issues, including superhero fatigue, Disney wants its studios, including Marvel, to create less content, while improving the quality, since it believes studios like Marvel lost focus while making too many shows for Disney+ and balancing too […]

With the end of the actor’s strike, Hollywood is starting to get back to work, and schedules are now being set out for Disney to begin filming on many projects, either to finish production, complete some reshoots or start filming entirely.  Because of the new filming schedule, Disney has announced a reshuffling of some of […]

The Fourth of July is the day in which Americans celebrate their independence. Disney is almost as American as apple pie and baseball. So, I’m going to take a look at some of the best movies celebrating facets of the United States for Independence Day. 1. HAMILTON Take a look at the life of one […]

Marvel Studios has released a brand new photo from behind the scenes of the upcoming Captain America film, which is now going to be called “Captain America: Brave New World”, having previously been announced as “Captain America: New World Order”. In the new film, Sam Wilson takes flight as Captain America once again, having taken […]

One of the many Marvel Studios currently in development is “Captain America: New World Order”, which is currently scheduled to arrive in cinemas on May 3rd 2024 and will star Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, who became the new Captain America in the Disney+ series, “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”. Very little is known […]

Following on from the success of the Disney+ Original series, “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”, which told the story of how Falcon, aka Sam Wilson, became the new Captain America, it was revealed that a new Captain America film was in development. Today, during a Marvel Studios presentation at the San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin […]

Following on from the events of the Disney+ series, “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”,  Marvel Studios is developing a new movie, “Captain America 4”. Deadline is reporting that Julius Onah will be directing the upcoming “Captain America 4” film.  Onah has previously directed “The Cloverfield Paradox” and “Luce”. No plot details have yet been […]

Captain America and Iron Man are at odds over the best way to serve as superheroes and that leads to the Avengers breaking up in “Captain America: Civil War.” After an accident in Sokovia leads to hundreds of deaths, 117 countries around the world want oversight for the second generation of Avengers. The Sokovia Accords […]

Earlier this week, Anthony Mackie appeared on James Corden’s “The Late Late Show” to promote his new Netflix film “Outside the Wire”, where he was asked about if he is set to become the new “Captain America” in the new Disney+ series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.  James asked “Everybody online is saying you’re […]