A vacation hot spot off the coast of Australia becomes a breeding ground for shark attacks and scientists must figure out what’s causing the attacks; if it’s a particular kind of shark; and if the actions of humans are leading to the increased shark attacks in the National Geographic documentary “Rogue Shark?” In this documentary, […]

Sharks seems to be gathering in groups to travel and hunt in the latest National Geographic documentary, “Shark Gangs.” This film takes a look at these growing groups of sharks and how they behave. Marine biologists and shark researchers dive deeper into the types of sharks in gangs and if they are by design or […]

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth joins marine biologists as they study the shark population off the coast of Australia and look for ways for humans to peacefully coexist with the ocean’s top predator. This special for National Geographic gives us an up close and personal look at some of the oldest sharks in the waters and […]

To tie in with the release of multiple shark documentaries being added onto Disney+ around the world as part of National Geographic’s “SharkFest”, a new collection has been added to Disney+, making it much easier to keep up with all the latest Shark content being added. With a super-sized six weeks of fin-tastic programming, featuring […]

National Geographic is about to kick off its annual “Sharkfest” event this summer and has announced a brand new series called “Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth”. Chris Hemsworth is on a mission to uncover the science of shark behavior and discover how humans and sharks can safely coexist. After an increase in local shark attacks […]

National Geographic has announced details on this years “SharkFest”, which is coming to the National Geographic Channels and for the first time on Disney+. The must-sea summer event swims onto screens Monday, July 5, with the premiere of the marquee SHARKFEST special SHARK BEACH WITH CHRIS HEMSWORTH at 9/8c, preceded by the first episode of […]