To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic movie, “Jaws”, which is based on the bestselling book by Peter Benchley, National Geographic has announced that it is working with Steven Spielberg on a brand new documentary, which is going by the working title of “Jaws @ 50”.

This new documentary will feature footage and photography from the Peter Benchley and Steven Spielberg archives and all-new interviews from the worlds of film, literature, pop culture and ocean conservation.

“Jaws @ 50” documentary has been directed by Laurent Bouzereau and is being created in collaboration with ocean conservation and marine policy advocate Wendy Benchley and branding and communications specialist Laura A. Bowling, the film will capture our endless fascination with sharks and the changing dialogue about these awe-inspiring creatures.

The behind-the-scenes stories of the book’s writing and the legendary tumultuous production of the film — including being over budget, over schedule, malfunctioning mechanical sharks, weather issues and sea sickness — will serve as the spine of the documentary. “Jaws @ 50” (working title) will explore the world and the impact of sharks today through testimonials from people who have dedicated their lives to studying and safeguarding sharks and our seas. “Jaws” gave rise to a new generation of shark aficionados, as well as many ocean scientists, researchers, explorers, activists, and die-hard fans. These experts have deepened our curiosity and understanding of sharks beyond what Benchley and Spielberg could have imagined.

Janet Han Vissering, senior vice president, Production and Development, at National Geographic, said in a statement:

“National Geographic has celebrated sharks for over two decades with our annual summer event, Sharkfest, so we naturally jumped at the chance to partner with Amblin Documentaries and Nedland Media on JAWS @ 50. ‘Jaws’ not only became a massive pop culture phenomenon, but the initial fear it elicited propelled the world’s fascination with sharks, opening the door to our understanding of these apex predators and stressing the urgency in protecting our oceans.”

Darryl Frank / Justin Falvey, President’s Amblin Documentaries and Amblin Television, added:

“‘Jaws,’ the novel by Peter Benchley and the film by Steven Spielberg, defined both popular literature and cinema. The idea of diving into the past, present and future legacy of ‘Jaws,’ combined with an informed and inspiring discussion about sharks and the ocean in one documentary, is a unique opportunity to explore the perfect union between art and science.”

“Jaws” was a thrilling bestseller, and the film was arguably the first summer blockbuster. Both continue attracting new fans and inspiring generations of book, film and ocean lovers. “Jaws @ 50” (working title) will create a thrilling sense of discovery, showcasing a new generation of ocean scientists and explorers who help us better understand sharks and deepen our understanding of their vital role in a healthy ocean. Ultimately, alongside Wendy Benchley and others, we will invite audiences to fall in love and rethink their perceptions of sharks in today’s world.

For National Geographic, “Jaws @ 50” (working title) will be produced by Amblin Documentaries and Nedland Media in collaboration with executive producers Wendy Benchley and Bowling and directed by Bouzereau. For Amblin Documentaries, Frank and Falvey are executive producers. For Nedland Media, Bouzereau and Keith are executive producers. For National Geographic, Ted Duvall is the executive producer; Vissering is the senior vice president of Production and Development; and Tom McDonald is the executive vice president of Global Factual and Unscripted Content.

Disney has also confirmed that this new documentary will be released as part of Sharkfest in Summer 2025 on the National Geographic channel and streaming on both Disney+ and Hulu.

Roger’s Take:  It’s interesting that this documentary is being made by National Geographic for Hulu and Disney+, rather than being created by Universal for Peacock!  But it is also likely to be one of the major titles for next year’s SharkFest event since it has so much mainstream attention.  The initial release of “Jaws” caused lots of problems for the shark population around the world, as education about these wonderful creatures was so bad that millions of sharks were killed from the fear this movie put into people.  Hopefully, this documentary will help address those issues.

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