A sperm whale carcass off the coast of Hawaii leads to one of the most amazing discoveries ever found in the water in the National Geographic documentary “World’s Biggest Great White?” The film follows a crew that went to observe tiger sharks feeding on the carcass when they got the surprise of a lifetime, three great white sharks coming to feed, including the largest great white ever previously recorded and one that hadn’t been recorded before that they got to name. The discovery is leading to new questions about the habits of great white sharks and if there are more in the waters off Hawaii than previously believed.

I don’t know if Deep Blue, the largest great white shark ever recorded that this crew spotted in the waters off Hawaii in 2019, is the largest great white shark ever, but the mere sight of her in the video for this documentary is awe-inspiring. She is large and in charge and the other great white sharks, tiger sharks and the crew know it. We see how the other sharks respond to her and how she casts a menacing presence in the area even though she has no intent of attacking the people filming the feeding.

It’s really cool to hear from these people who have wonderful experiences with sharks. Sometimes, it seems, we only hear from people who have had negative experiences. And, while shark attacks definitely happen, they seem to be more of a case of mistaken identity than an apex predator attacking prey in its home. We’re quickly learning that sharks, like other fish, don’t want to interact too much with humans. They only really attack boats because of how their electric receptors are sent haywire by the boats, or attack humans when they think the human is a seal. Very rarely do sharks just attack to attack and those are usually bull sharks, not great white or tiger sharks.

This has been a great year for shark documentaries on Disney+. All but one, so far, have grabbed my attention and made me excited for the next. I can’t wait to see what else is on the service. I’ve learned so much about great white sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, mako sharks and how sharks interact with people and dolphins. They are very informational while still being entertaining.

Ranking: 3.5 stars

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