The term “Netflix Killer” has been thrown around ever since Netflix launched its streaming service, but the use of the term kicked up in November of 2019 with the launch of Disney+. Two years later, Netflix is bigger than ever and whilst Disney+ is quickly catching up internationally.  But recently, in the US, Disney+ seems […]

Since Disney+ launched, we unfortunately often seen some titles leave Disney+ in the United States to head to other streaming services due to existing contracts made before the streaming service was released. Today, Netflix added the Steven Speilberg film, “The BFG”, and unfortunately, that has resulted in the film being removed from Disney+ in the […]

Last week, the Walt Disney Company announced that Disney+ has hit 94.9 million subscribers worldwide and according to a new prediction by Digital TV Research, Disney+ will reach more subscribers than Netflix in 2026. The company’s report are predicting that Disney+ will hit 294 million in 2026, exceeding the 286 million that it estimates Netflix will […]

This week Netflix announced its latest quarterly results, which saw the streaming service hit over 200 million subscribers globally after pulling in another 8.5 million subscribers in the last quarter.  The news of this accomplishment sent the shares of Netflix soaring over 10%. In a statement to investors, the company recognised the impact other streaming […]

As part of a recent restructuring of Walt Disney’s Television division, Disney+ has lost it’s VP of Nonfiction Originals, Dan Silver, to Netflix, where he will be the Director of Documentary Feature Films. At Netflix, Dan will be reporting to to Lisa Nishimura, VP Independent Film and Documentary Features at Netflix. Dan Silver was responsible […]

Over the years, Netflix has come under pressure from many sources, as Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings considers anything that takes them away from his streaming platform as competition.  This includes apps like TikTok or video games like Fortnite. The launch of Disney+ has been a huge success and it is still yet to […]

The popular Disney Channel show, “Bunk’d” has recently just finished airing its fourth season on the Disney Channel and it’s been announced that the fourth season will be coming to Netflix in the US on August 24th. “Bunk’d” isn’t coming to Disney+ first in the US, due to a pre-existing contract.  However internationally this isn’t […]

In this What’s On Disney Plus Podcast episode, Roger is joined by Kasey from What’s On Netflix and they discuss the current streaming wars, between Disney+ and Netflix, with discussions on a variety of topics including how the virus is impacting filming, the introduction of HBO Max, dropping shows at once or weekly and much […]

If your in the U.K. and after some new Marvel content to entertain you during the lockdown, Netflix has added four animated movies. These movies were created by Marvel with Lionsgate, who own the distribution rights to the animated movies.  The deal was made in 2006, before Disney purchased Marvel and was for 8 movies. […]

Ever since Disney announced Disney+, many animation fans have been asking about the Studio Ghibli movies coming to the new streaming service, since Disney distributed many of the movies and people assumed these movies belonged to Disney. Unfortunately, Disney’s contract with Studio Ghibli expired a few years ago, so they no longer distribute the movies.  […]

With the arrival of Disney+, many people are looking to either subscribe to Disney+ or looking to cut back on the number of subscriptions they have, with Netflix often being mentioned as one to cut. Price Disney+ only offers one membership option, which is $6.99, though it does offer an annual option, which works out […]

Ever since Disney announced it’s new streaming service, Disney+, it became well known that Disney would start removing shows and movies from Netflix, in preparation for when Disney+ launches in the US on November 12th. Since then, most of the Disney titles have been removed from Netflix, but there will be a dozen more titles […]

The streaming wars are heating up as the Walt Disney Company has banned any advertising from Netflix across its entertainment TV networks, according to the Wall Street Journal. This will include all of Disney’s networks including ABC, Freeform, National Geographic, FX, Disney Channel, however ESPN will continue to run Netflix commercials. Earlier this year, Disney […]

In the past month, Disney, Apple, Comcast and AT&T have revealed details on their new streaming services, resulting in some major new competition for existing platforms like Netflix. And during a Royal Television Society conference in Cambridge, England, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said: “While we’ve been competing with many people in the last decade, it’s […]