Recently, as you may already know, Disney+ has recently added the Netflix Marvel series to its roster. These titles include ‘Jessica Jones’. ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Iron Fist’, and ‘The Defenders’. Also, one of the titles added was one of the most popular of the series Netflix created, and that would be ‘Daredevil’.

Since its addition to Disney+, fans of the show have rejoiced in being able to watch these shows once again after the slight pause in being able to watch these shows after they left Netflix. But also, this has given an opportunity for a whole new group of people to fall in love with this series and garner new fans of the series.


Actor Vincent D’Onofrio(who plays Kingpin in the Daredevil series) took to Twitter, to share his heartfelt message to new and older fans of the show:

“It’s so wonderful to hear and see everyone experiencing Daredevil ⁦@Marvel on ⁦@disneyplus. There are so many new fans of that series now and the original fans are still watching. Thanks to you all. Truly. I speak for Charlie Cox as well, it was a delight to make.”

Both Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have recently joined the MCU, playing their roles from their Defenders saga series. Charlie Cox’s Daredevil recently made a cameo appearance in last years ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home”. And D’Onofrio once again starred as Kingpin in the Disney+/Marvel Studios Orginal series ‘Hawkeye’. The future of these characters in the MCU is uncertain as of now, but if rumors are to be believed, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil might be showing up in one or two Disney+ series coming up. And there is also the possibility of a soft rebooted ‘Daredevil’ series coming soon as well.


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