With Dinosaurs and The Muppet Show released in 2021, Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. started the year enjoying hours upon hours of Jim Henson-inspired puppetry storytelling. On October 19, 2022, all four seasons of Bear in the Big Blue House (reportedly all 117 episodes) are slated to release on Disney+ U.S.

Yet even with those releases, much of the Muppets’ best work remains locked away in the Disney vault. Henson and friends spent decades hand-crafting their hilarious, colorful family of Muppet personalities. Following Jim’s untimely death at age 53 in 1990, his son Brian Henson took the reins of The Jim Henson Company and oversaw further decades of creative development which continues to this day.

In 2004, the core Muppet characters were purchased by The Walt Disney Company along with most back-catalog programs. The lack of Muppets content — productions featuring characters owned by Disney, and many even produced by Disney  becomes obvious when listing all the Muppets series and specials currently missing on Disney+. It adds up to over 100 hours.

Muppets TV Series

Muppets Tonight (ABC, 1996-1998)

Running for 22 episodes, this series attempted to reboot The Muppet Show in a similar format (skits and musical numbers featuring guest stars), though it plays out in a television studio rather than an old-time theatre. 

Muppet Babies (1984-1991)

This animated Saturday morning cartoon imagined childhood versions of the Muppet gang, in stories overseen by Henson and his team. Produced by Jim Henson Productions and Marvel Productions, it’s owned by Disney but also features clips from a variety of films that could make it difficult to see it release via streaming. Further, Disney’s 2018 reboot of Muppet Babies was recently hit with a lawsuit from the original show’s producer.

Breakfast with Bear (Disney Channel, 2005-2006)

A spin-off from the Mitchell Kriegman-created Bear in the Big Blue House series, Breakfast with Bear featured Bear visiting the home of a child in the morning and learning about their daily routine. This short-format series ran for 20 episodes. 

Muppets TV Specials 

Hey, Cinderella! (1969, 52 minutes)

Featuring Kermit the Frog and several Muppet characters, this one-hour special directed by Jim Henson reimagines the story of Cinderella with original songs and constant laughs.

The Frog Prince (1971, 60 minutes)

Again, Henson directs a comedic spin on the classic fairy tale in an enduringly popular program featuring Kermit and introducing the character of his nephew, Robin. 

The Muppet Musicians Of Bremen (1972, 50 minutes)

A trio of animals start a jazz band in this musical adaptation of the classic story set in Louisiana, the last in a trio of fairy tale specials directed by Jim Henson himself. 

The Muppets Go Hollywood (1979, 60 minutes) 

To celebrate the release of The Muppet Movie — and featuring some clips and tidbits about the film — Kermit throws a glamorous party at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub and mayhem ensues.

The Muppets Go to the Movies (1981, 49 minutes) 

Produced to promote The Great Muppet Caper, this special features parody sketches of classic Hollywood films.

The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show (1982, 60 minutes) 

One year after global ratings smash The Muppet Show, a revival special features Miss Piggy hosting her own talk show with Kermit calling the shots backstage. (A conceit later used in 2015’s The Muppets, an ABC series on Disney+.) 

The Muppets: A Celebration Of 30 Years (1986, 60 minutes)

The Muppet gang gets together for a celebratory gala to mark 30 years, with the core Muppets appearing alongside some Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock characters. Clips dating back to 1955 are shown, in addition to new gags from Muppets hosting on stage.

The Muppets at Walt Disney World (1990, 60 minutes)

At a time when the Muppets were nearly purchased by Disney (it took another 14 years to happen), Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the gang ride the rides and tour the massive Walt Disney World Resort in this hilarious nostalgia trip featuring several songs. 

Muppet Classic Theater (1994, 68 minutes)

Retelling six classic fairy tales in short musical vignettes, this direct-to-video special co-produced by Disney and The Jim Henson Company delighted kids in the 90’s but has been out-of-print for decades.

The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz (2005, 100 minutes)

Dorothy (Ashanti) is whisked away to the Yellow Brick Road in this musical comedic Muppets take on the classic story. Co-starring Queen Latifah and David Alan Grier, it aired on ABC.

Muppets Holiday Specials

The Muppets Valentine Show (1974, 26 minutes) 

Kermit and the Muppets explore the meaning of love in this special featuring Mia Farrow, a test pilot of sorts for The Muppet Show

John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together (1979, 50 minutes)

The best-selling music album was also a popular music-based TV special. For this special, music clearances are apparently difficult and expensive enough that it never released on home video (which nearly every other title on this list has). 

Rocky Mountain Holiday (1983, 47 minutes) 

Folk artist John Denver takes the Muppets on a Colorado camping trip, in a special that features such sing-along classics as “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.” Released on DVD in 2003, rumor has it the Estate of John Denver has held up further release of this and other Denver/Muppets programs. 

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic (1986, 51 minutes) 

This Easter-themed special tells the story of a young bunny who wants to help at the annual Bunny Picnic, but is told he is too small. Originally aired on HBO, this special was part of Disney’s 2004 Muppets purchase but has never released on home media.

A Muppet Family Christmas (1987, 52 minutes)

Often hailed as the greatest holiday special ever produced, A Muppet Family Christmas features the Muppets at their absolute height. The core Muppet characters are snowed in at the farmhouse of Fozzie’s mom, which then several Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock characters visit. Hilarious comedy and big surprises complement a selection of musical numbers — which are all holiday standards, licensed for TV and films thousands of times every year. So why the hold-up?

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree (1995, 30 minutes) 

Based on Robert Barry’s classic 1963 book, it depicts the story of Mr. Willowby (Robert Downey Jr.) and the mice living in his mansion searching out the perfect Christmas tree. Co-starring Stockard Channing (The West Wing) and Leslie Nielsen (Police Academy), this special was part of Disney’s 2004 Muppets purchase but has never released on home media.

Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular (2013) 

Behind-the-Scenes Muppets TV Specials 

The Muppets on Puppets (1970, 57 minutes)

Filmed in black-and-white for public television, this documentary features Jim Henson, Frank Oz and other Muppet performers — with the help of Rowlf the Dog — explaining how puppets work and the history of puppetry. It’s available online

Of Muppets and Men: The Making Of The Muppet Show (1981, 52 minutes)

Following the series finale of the hit variety show, Jim Henson and team take audiences behind-the-scenes and introduce highlights from the past five seasons of laughs. 

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson (1990, 48 minutes)

Following Henson’s untimely death at the age of 53 on May 16, 1990, only months later his troupe of performers regrouped for this moving special that pays tribute to his life’s work and legacy. 

Muppets Titles Not Owned Or Distributed By Disney

These titles, some currently streaming on other platforms, are not counted as part of the “over 100 missing hours” of Muppets.

Sam and Friends (1955-1961) The Jim Henson Company/NBC

The Great Santa Claus Switch (1970) Sullivan Productions/The Jim Henson Company

Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (1977) The Jim Henson Company (currently on Amazon Prime)

The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) Sony/Tristar 

One of only three Muppet feature films produced during Jim Henson’s lifetime, this comedy flips the “hey let’s put on a show” Broadway tropes in all the right ways. If there was demand, Disney could work out a deal with Sony to stream this essential film. 

The Christmas Toy (1986) The Jim Henson Company 

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller (1987-1988) The Jim Henson Company

Secret Life of Toys (1994) The Jim Henson Company

Muppets From Space (1999) Sony/Tristar 

While not regarded as the Muppets’ strongest big-screen effort, Muppets from Space nonetheless showcases Dave Goelz as Gonzo in a fun and outrageous script. If there was demand, Disney could work out a deal with Sony to stream this film.

It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002) NBC/MGM/The Jim Henson Company

Kermit’s Swamp Years (2002) Sony/The Jim Henson Company

The Muppets All-Star Comedy Gala (2012) Disney/Just for Laughs

Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched (2017) Vibrant Mud Productions

Following his decades working with Jim Henson, Frank Oz went on to a successful Hollywood career as a writer and director. He returned to discuss the Muppets in this recent documentary, featuring several Muppet performers sharing inside stories. If there was demand, Disney could work out a deal to stream this documentary.

The global launch of Disney Plus has led to millions more people rediscovering the fun and wonder of the Muppets. Fans hope that the comedy troupe’s enduring work with Jim Henson will finally see the light of day again. 

Which Muppets title do you hope releases on Disney+? Are any legacy Muppet titles missing? Leave a comment below to join the dialogue. 

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Josh Shepherd

Freelance journalist Josh M. Shepherd covers culture and family entertainment for several media outlets. A graduate of the University of Colorado, he lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

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  1. Jessica December 12, 2020

    Nice I love the muppets wow that’s a ton of great movies and shows now did you know that you can go on Disney plus website and tell them you want all of the muppets on there channel

  2. JT December 13, 2020

    It seems old content is just not a priority which doesn’t make sense. At the very least, I hope they do more Muppet Babies Play Date for Disney+

  3. bobvdk December 13, 2020

    The Frog Prince is a classic. I need it now.

  4. Owen Buddery December 14, 2020

    Bear in the Big Blue House is a old Playhouse Disney show I would like to see it on Disney + across the world when will Disney announce when this Show will come to Disney + in Europe North America Africa Asia I liked the Muppet treasure Island The Muppets Muppet Most wanted when England was the 1st Lockdown & lets hope the coronavirus will not spread across the country

  5. Owen Buddery December 14, 2020

    For 2021 Disney could do a Timetable for shows & movies to come to Disney + across North & Latin America Western Europe Eastern Europe The UK & Ireland the Oceania Asia & Africa

  6. Mat December 15, 2020

    Also-- Little muppet monsters--short lived animated and live action series. Disney owns it. Jim henson hour--Rights are a mess. Disney owns the first half "muppet centrel" segments but jim henson studios owns the other segments like the storyteller. Secrets of the muppets--Made as a jim henson hour episode then aired as a special. Don't know who owns it. Lady gaga and the muppets--i think disney owns it. Muppet vhs specials--fozzies scrap book, gonzos weird things, kermit and piggy story, etc. Not sure if disney owns these? Muppet sing along videos--disney owns these. Christmas toy--disney does not on it. Secret life of toys--I don't think disney owns it. Muppet babies video storybooks--hosted by live kermit and robin. Disney i think owns these but not sure.

  7. Lauren Monaco January 3, 2021

    I would love all the Muppets on Disney plus! Truth be told- the muppets are why I signed up in the first place. These Disney owned items are treasures and should be treated with the respect they deserve. Why not make them available for future generations? Make these movies and shows available!

  8. Rick January 20, 2021

    A lot of these used to be shown on the Disney Channel throughout the 80's and 90's.

  9. Owen Buddery February 4, 2021

    I wonder if all 4 seasons of Bear in the big blue house 1997 to 2006 to come to Disney plus as some point in 2021

  10. Brayden February 4, 2021

    You're missing the two Disney Channel specials they did with Disney Channel stars like Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers etc.

  11. Owen Buddery February 5, 2021

    I wonder if Bear in the big blue house will be coming to Disney Plus in the year

  12. Liam Stuart February 21, 2021

    I am waiting for Bear In The Big Blue House to be on Disney Plus. For right now, I am checking updates from them, and I am making a deal with them right now. The deal is: Disney, add Bear In The Big Blue House to Disney plus before 2022. If you add it before then, I’ll enjoy the service, but if it’s not added there by then, then I’m leaving the service. Fix that problem soon please.

  13. Doug Keystone February 25, 2021

    "A Muppet Family Christmas" really is the best holiday special of all time. The Jim Henson cameo alone is worth watching the whole thing for.