Disney is teaming up with Oscar winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, to create a brand new documentary that is promised as the “definitive portrait” of Jim Henson, the legendary creator of the Muppets, along with well known “Sesame Street” characters like Big Bird and other projects such as “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth”. The […]

On February 19, Disney Plus subscribers in the U.S. and European nations celebrated the long-awaited release of The Muppet Show. Since it premiered in fall 1976, the entire run of producer/puppeteer Jim Henson’s beloved variety-comedy show has never been widely available in any format. Technically, The Muppet Show is still not available in its entirety […]

With Dinosaurs released in January and — at long last! — The Muppet Show premiering in February, Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. can start 2021 enjoying hours upon hours of Jim Henson-inspired puppetry storytelling. Yet even with those releases, much of the Muppets’ best work remains locked away in the Disney vault. Henson and friends […]