This Friday, Disney+ will release all five seasons of The Muppet Show in the U.S. Since it premiered in fall 1976, the entire run of producer/puppeteer Jim Henson’s crowning achievement has never been widely available in any format. (Disney has not yet confirmed if the streaming release includes all 120 episodes as originally aired, without any songs or segments cut.)

It’s a comedy variety show over four decades old – so what’s the big deal? Guest host Josh Shepherd speaks with two team members at top Muppets fan site editor Ryan Roe coming from New York City, and contributor Anthony Strand in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Together, they discuss pressing questions regarding the streaming release of The Muppet Show, such as:

  • What is one episode of The Muppet Show that made you laugh as never before?
  • Should folks skip season one at first? Or even skip around to whoever is a favorite guest star?
  • Who are some of the biggest guest stars not to miss? (Spoiler: Johnny Cash, Pearl Bailey, just about all of them)
  • For parents of young kids, are there certain edgier episodes that they may want to preview?
  • Why should Disney+ subscribers give The Muppet Show a chance?


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Josh Shepherd

Freelance journalist Josh M. Shepherd covers culture and family entertainment for several media outlets. A graduate of the University of Colorado, he lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

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