On Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that November 12 would be promoted as #DisneyPlusDay. Fans can expect announcements of upcoming releases, along with a “really attractive group of titles” presumably to land on the streamer that day. Already, we know that Home Sweet Home Alone and Jungle Cruise (to all subscribers) arrive Nov. 12.  […]

When the streaming service launched back in November 2019, Disney Plus did fans a great favor when they announced future release dates for 77 of their recent films. Since then, titles such as Cool Runnings have released as scheduled, building trust and fulfilling subscribers’ expectations. Yet for hundreds of Disney-owned films and shows, no such […]

Since launch, Disney+ has defined itself as the destination for Star Wars, Marvel, and, thanks to recent additions of Hamilton and The Greatest Showman, movie musicals. In fact, when Disney executives addressed what is popular on Disney+, one genre dominated the discussion.  “Musicals are doing very, very well,” said Bob Iger on February 4, 2020 […]

In recent months, Disney’s penchant for “reimagined” adaptations of its animated classics has been a hot topic among fans and critics alike. The announcement of a live-action version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has reignited accusations of “cash grab” live-action remakes among other issues. As a lifelong fan who has favorites from every […]

Fans have their gripes about Disney Plus—such as hundreds of missing Disney-owned titles and not having enough options for audiences over age 12. Still, TV animation is where Disney Plus excels, as the streamer features dozens of shows produced since the 1980’s. Or is it? Those who grew up watching these cartoon series—along with a few live-action […]

From its inception, The Walt Disney Company has made memorable music a cornerstone of its approach to entertainment. “There’s a terrific power to music,” said Walt Disney during an October 1940 story meeting on Bambi. “You can run any of these pictures and they’d be dragging and boring. But the minute you put music behind […]

Since launch, Disney+ has had one glaring weakness: the lack of binge-worthy live action series that audiences over age 12 will enjoy.  To be sure, the family-friendly streaming service has several series that work well in small doses: Rogue Trip, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, Brain Games, Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Encore, Cosmos, Shop Class, […]

On February 19, Disney Plus subscribers in the U.S. and European nations celebrated the long-awaited release of The Muppet Show. Since it premiered in fall 1976, the entire run of producer/puppeteer Jim Henson’s beloved variety-comedy show has never been widely available in any format. Technically, The Muppet Show is still not available in its entirety […]

In addition to hundreds of missing titles and dozens of series with episodes out-of-order, another issue has plagued streaming service Disney Plus: certain titles uploaded in the wrong aspect ratio. Film and TV fans are unwavering in their stated preference: upload every title in its original aspect ratio, so the image appears as the director […]

With Dinosaurs released in January and — at long last! — The Muppet Show premiering in February, Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. can start 2021 enjoying hours upon hours of Jim Henson-inspired puppetry storytelling. Yet even with those releases, much of the Muppets’ best work remains locked away in the Disney vault. Henson and friends […]

This week, Disney announced specifics regarding its global roll-out of Star — a “general entertainment” slate of films and series that will bring mature content to Disney+ in most countries worldwide. Among the biggest surprises: over 80 family-friendly titles long requested by U.S. subscribers, such as comedian Steve Martin’s Father of the Bride franchise, ABC’s […]

Some fans think that The Mandalorian is trying to “correct” the much-maligned Star Wars sequel trilogy. Others think that Disney is force-feeding a lot of fan service into the hit series and its many spin-offs. Star Wars Celebration speaker and frequent writer Aaron Welty talks with podcast guest host Josh Shepherd about the surprise reveal […]

With The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader finally released on Disney+, the entire Disney-20th Century Studios Narnia trilogy is together for the first time. (It’s a shame all 7 novels weren’t produced as films, which now Netflix will attempt, but that’s another story.)  However, currently, at least two dozen Disney-owned franchises […]