Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are back, and this time some Hollywood heavyweights have joined the cast for the third season of the hit show, “Only Murders in the Building.” After solving two murders in the Arconia, it appears they experience a third murder on the opening night of Oliver’s latest Broadway effort. Paul Rudd joins […]

The final episode of “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” brings Mickey Mouse full circle as Steamboat Willie makes an appearance in the episode entitled, “Steamboat Silly.” Mickey and friends are watching old home movies when Steamboat Willie leaves the film reel and enters the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. He then goes out causing […]

Marshal Givens gets an up close and personal meeting with the man responsible for killing the judge and his assistant in the second episode of the FX series, “Justified: City Primeval.” What was supposed to be a 24-hour mission has turned into a double murder investigation. The episode gives a little backstory into Mansell before […]

A former Teacher of the Year in Georgia is revealed to be a sexual predator, and his wife tells the story of how he got caught in the ABC News docuseries, “Betrayal: The Perfect Husband.” Sharing the name of the podcast Jennifer Faison launched to help her cope with the actions of her husband, this […]

The President of the United States has learned about the Skrull invasion, and it has overarching effects in future Marvel properties in the finale of the Marvel and Disney+ Original Limited Series, “Secret Invasion.” The two Skrulls who had gained extremis properties are now full blown Super Skrulls. Nick Fury finds a way to save […]

Poet, Tayo, Hour and Lennix must work to find a way to put a stop to the artificial intelligence system Tayo created in the finale of the limited series, “Class of 09.” Meanwhile, Tayo’s ex-wife has been arrested and is standing trial for a book she wrote criticizing artificial intelligence. And, one way or another, […]

Following the death of Talos, the Skrulls and Nick Fury are laying everything on the line as they prepare to go to war in the penultimate episode of the Marvel and Disney+ Original Series, “Secret Invasion.” Rhodey Skrull has unleashed the video of Gravik, as Nick Fury, killing Maria Hill. Meanwhile, Fury is turning to […]

After a ten-year break, 20th Animation has brought back “Futurama” is back for its eleventh season and picks up exactly where it left off, without skipping a beat.   It’s been almost 25 years since the first episode was released, and over its 140 seasons, it has dealt with many different topics, and this new season […]

Raylan Givens is back as a US Marshal trying to uphold the law in the new limited series, “Justified: City Primeval.” The limited series is a sequel to the popular show that ran on FX in the United States for six seasons between 2010 and 2015. In the new series, Raylan is a Marshal and […]

This August, Disney is releasing some brand new episodes of the animated series, “Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures” on Disney+. Recently, Disney sent me a box of goodies featuring merchandise from brands such as LEGO, Mattel and Hasbro, which are available to purchase now from retailers around the world. Set during The High Republic era, […]

The US government launched a secret program designed to investigate the possibility of UFO sightings. The new docuseries “UFOs: Investigating the Unknown” takes a look at the history of possible UFO sightings and this government program. It also tackles some of the misconceptions about UFOs due to movies about them. Plus, former US lawmakers and […]

Gravik launches an assault on the American President that puts Fury and Talos in some of the greatest danger they have ever faced in the latest episode of the Marvel and Disney+ Original Series, “Secret Invasion.” This episode is filled with big reveals, big moves from Gravik and the rest of the Skrulls, and an […]

Things are getting a little more personal as Gravik figures out that G’iah is responsible for their safe house being discovered, and Fury turns back to Talos for help in the latest episode of the Marvel and Disney+ Original series, “Secret Invasion.” This episode reveals more about Fury’s relationship with his Skrull wife and reveals […]

2023 marks 100 years for the Walt Disney Company and to celebrate Disney+ is restoring several classic shorts made by the Walt Disney Animation Studios and adding them to the service. In July, six shorts originally released between 1929 and 1961 were added to the service. These shorts include a focus on Mickey Mouse, Goofy, […]