A Corgi goes surfing and helps the USO, while two other dogs help protect the nation’s food supply by detecting illnesses in bees in the latest episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life.” This series as a whole has been hit or miss. When it hits, it’s a fun show to watch with amazingly adorable dog […]

The sixth episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, we get to learn more about the visualization part of making the show, which is where we really get to find out more about the design process. As with all of the episodes, there is a roundtable discussion featuring talent such as the show’s creator Jon Favreau, […]

In this video, Roger shares his thoughts on the “The Child” aka Baby Yoda Pop Vinyl figure from Funko, which is from the Disney+ Original series, Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Check out the review below: You can purchase this “Baby Yoda” Funko Pop Vinyl from retailers including Entertainment Earth

The voice of Goofy and Pluto, Bill Farmer, is back to introduce us to two new dogs in the Disney+ Original Series, “It’s a Dog’s Life.” This week, Farmer introduces us to a dog that helps rescue people from disasters and one that is the Mayor of a small town in Kentucky. This has been […]

The characters of “Star Wars Rebels” were introduced to the world months before their show premiered on the Disney Channel. Between August and September of 2014, Disney Channel released four shorts that run four minutes each. These shorts gave the viewers the first looks at the crew of the ghost. First up, “The Machine in […]

The final two families face off in the Disney kitchen in the finale of season one of “Be Our Chef.” In the finale, the two families must make two dozen desserts in two hours with the winning family earning a Disney cruise. The Wells Family makes a lemon meringue dessert, while the Robbins Family makes […]

Disney give us an inside look at the new film “Artemis Fowl,” the flavor lab where chefs come up with new dish ideas and the new Mickey Mouse ride in the latest edition of “Disney Insider.” I love this series of shorts that gives you a look at big things Disney has in the works, […]

George Lucas fills in the gaps between “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” with the animated “The Clone Wars” film. The movie takes a look at the infamous Clone Wars and how Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi fought in those wars. We are also introduced to Skywalker’s padawan, Ahsoka Tano. This film […]

The fifth episode of “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian” focuses on the use of practical effects during the making of the Disney+ smash hit series.   Using practical effects is something that Star Wars is known for, especially the original trilogy, which “The Mandalorian” uses as an inspiration.  While technology is obviously important and last week’s […]

Disney introduces us to two more interesting dogs in their Disney+ Original series “It’s a Dog’s Life.” This week we meet a dog that is part of the corps of cadets at Texas A&M university and a guide dog helping a visually impaired paralympian as he trains for an upcoming race. This is my favorite […]

The final two families are facing off for a chance in the finals of “Be Our Chef.” The final competition is inspired by “Toy Story.” The Robbins and Platt families had to make a favorite dish from childhood. This episode did the absolute best at conveying the motivation for both families. I learned a lot […]

Disney+ looks to tickle your senses with its new original release, “Zenimation.” It’s a series of 10 shorts that removes dialogue and music from some of the most famous scenes in Disney films and lets you experience what it would be like to see and hear what is going on in each place. This is […]

We meet two more special dogs who are working to improve lives in the second episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life.” The Disney+ Original series, hosted by the voice of Goofy and Pluto; Bill Farmer, is perfect for the viewer who can’t get enough of cute dogs. If there’s two things Disney does well, it’s […]

The Pevensie children are back to save Narnia once again in the second film based on the popular children’s book series by CS Lewis. Set hundreds of years after they first left Narnia; Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund are brought back to the magical land to help Prince Caspian the Tenth claim his rightful place […]