The fourth episode of the second season of Marvel Studios, “Loki”, has just dropped onto Disney+ around the world and continues to see Loki running around the TVA building looking for something or someone, while OB works on some bit of technology, intending to fix everything.   Over the past few weeks, everything has slowly been building up to this point, with Loki and the gang running around on side quests to find things they need to repair the time lines.  On the face of it, the first portion of the episode is just about getting all the pieces into play for a heck of a second half.

Marvel Studios has a great habit of making the fourth episode of their shows, one of the best in the season, and once again, this episode hits it out of the park for many reasons.   The biggest has to be the huge cliffhanger ending, to end a show with a huge explosion wave from the ploughing towards them all and then just a blank screen.  What’s happened?  Have they all been killed?  Have they been sent to another time in space?  Has every timeline been destroyed?  Probably not the last one, since that would be the end of the MCU, but something important certainly feels like it has happened.

One of the very interesting things about this episode is how violent and brutal it is.  There are two key points in the episode, one involving Miss Minutes using the shrink box in the holding cell to kill the minutemen.  One of the great things about this, was how they left it up to your imagination; we could hear the screaming and the crunching of the bones, but they never showed us the devastation that it caused.  We saw facial expressions, implying the horrible outcome, but they kept it hidden from us.

This was the exact opposite of Victor Timely’s death, who was ripped apart like spaghetti, giving me some flashbacks to how the Scarlet Witch killed Mr Fantastic in “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”.  It certainly was very brutal, but also, in complete contrast to the squashing box, we got to see everything.   The question is, though, is Victor really dead or just ripped and put back together in another time zone?  It did seem rather odd how he suddenly wanted to be the person who wanted to go outside to fix the problem and be the hero.  With time travel, you can never really trust anyone!

Much like in last week’s episode, Miss Minutes showed her true evilness as while the squashing box was crashing the minutemen, her face was the exact opposite, enjoying the carnage and making her even more sinister.  Miss Minutes is becoming one of the MCU’s best villains!

There’s also a fantastic moment, when Loki and Sylvie are in the cake room (you’d think they’d have something other than Key Lime Pie available!), where Loki reminds Sylvie that they are gods and to basically start acting like one.  I’ve been enjoying how this season feels much more connected to the Thor movies, once again with Loki sharing a story about his brother, since the character sometimes feels so different to the one we saw in the earlier phases.   I also liked how they explained the time loop from the first episode with Loki’s time slipping.  It’s all very “Back To The Future” and “Doctor Who” like, and I’m all in on it!

With two episodes left in this season and with the knowledge that we know phases four, five and six are the Multiverse Saga, it is safe to assume that the Multiverse remains and the next two episodes are going to be ramping up for the next big “Avengers” film.  This whole series feels like the blueprint for establishing how the multiverses work.  We’ve seen them explored in many of the other films, but this series bridges all of that together, and I love it for that.

Overall:  Episode 4 was a fantastic episode, with some huge moments that delivered some big moments, some fun moments and just entertained.  It certainly has me excited going into the penultimate episode next week!

Rating: – 4.5 Out Of 5


You can catch the entire first season, along with the first four episodes from the second season of “Loki” on Disney+ now.

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