Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra join together to try to track down Thrawn before he escapes in the season finale of “Star Wars: Ahsoka.” Morgan Elsbeth takes her place among the Nightsisters and is granted the Blade of Tanzin. And an army of Nighttroopers is created to assist in the latest battle between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

This was an action heavy finale that answered a lot of plot questions but still left plenty open ended. Sabine’s entire mission since the series finale of “Rebels” has been to find Ezra Bridger and get him home. She finally did that in the weirdest way possible. As she and Ezra were going to use the Force to get on Thrawn’s ship, she helped Ezra make it but decided to stay and assist Ahsoka in her fight with Morgan and the rest of the Nighttroopers. It’s a moment of growth for Sabine as she gives up her friend to help him get back home. It also demonstrates how she’s changed in just a few episodes as she went with Baylan Skoll to find Ezra.

This series has helped build Thrawn up as the next true big bad of “Star Wars” series, especially those created by Dave Filoni. Lars Mikkelsen played the Grand Admiral masterfully and truly built on the animated character first shown on screen in “Rebels.” He’s a threat, and he will continue to be a threat whenever he appears. He bested Ahsoka, using Anakin Skywalker’s teachings against her. Even though her mission was to stop him, and she failed, it will be great to see more ensuing battles between Thrawn and Ezra, especially since Huyang assisted Ezra in building a new lightsaber.

While there was a lot of good, there was still some disappointment with this finale. While I was excited to see Ezra reunited with Hera and Chopper, the scene felt too short. Ezra and Hera only share two lines of dialogue when he makes it to the New Republic base. Any “Rebels” fan will tell you that scene should’ve been longer. Still, that’s a minor complaint.

Meanwhile, the complete disappearance of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati for the majority of this episode was noticeable. They have presented the biggest challenge for Ahsoka and Sabine, so far, so it was odd to see them taken out of the finale. Baylan Skoll winds up at the statues of the Gods of Mortis and finds the Light Side statue destroyed but the Balance statue and Dark Side statue still there. It’s an okay ending for the character, but you can tell they intended to do more with his character. Ray Stevenson was amazing in the role and it’s sad we won’t get to see him continue to be amazing in the role going forward. Meanwhile Shin ends up with a group of bandits she previously fought. It’s an open ending, but there was so much more that could’ve been done with both of these characters.

This series had its ups and downs. It had its growing pains and its shining moments. Fans of “Rebels” will be excited to see four of their favorite characters back but still sad that Zeb didn’t make an appearance. Thrawn is set up nicely, even if there was more he could’ve done in the series. I’m excited to see what else Dave Filoni has in store for live action “Star Wars.”


Episode: 3 stars

Series: 4.5 stars

What did you think of the finale and season of “Star Wars: Ahsoka?”

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