With the release of the first two episodes of Lucasfilm’s new series, “Willow”, a new Lucasfilm collection has been added to Disney+, showcasing all of the films and series from the studio behind hits like “Star Wars”. The Lucasfilm collection can be found in the “All Collections” section of Disney+. The collection includes: Movies Red […]

As Cassian Andor and a fellow inmate try to make their escape, the rest of the Rebellion is starting to feel the effects of loss and sacrifice in the latest episode of “Star Wars: Andor.” Andor manages to get a message home where he learns that his mother has died. The Empire is constantly setting […]

The prisoners know there is no way the Empire will release them from this penal colony, so the prison break is on. Meanwhile, Mon Mothma continues her battles with the Senate to try to slow down the Empire’s progress. And Luthen Rael is trying to sway more people who may be wavering to join the […]

Earlier this week, one of the most well-known Japanese animation studios,  Studio Ghibli, shared a small video on its social media platforms teasing an upcoming collaboration with Lucasfilm, by simply showing the two companies’ logos. Today, Studio Ghibli has teased us once again, with an image of a small little statue of “Grogu”, aka “Baby […]

Disney has been making giant strides in developing new original content in Japan for not just the local audience, but for Disney+ subscribers around the world. Today, one of the most well-known Japanese animation studios, “Studio Ghibli”, shared a teaser video on their social media account indicating that they are working with Lucasfilm on a […]

Disney+ is telling us the early life of Cassian Andor, one of the rebels who stole the Death Star plans and got them to Princess Leia to set off the events of “Star Wars: A New Hope.” The series debuted in September with three episodes dropping immediately and then a new one being released each […]

The Empire is turning up the heat, the Rebellion is forming into a cohesive unit and Cassian Andor is struggling to get through to the other prisoners in the latest episode of the LucasFilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Andor.” Nobody’s listening focuses on how people who know what’s going on are trying to get through […]

The Empire finally feels like the Empire in the latest episode of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Star Wars: Andor.” Following the heist on Aldhani, Cassian Andor has returned to rescue his mother, but she refuses to leave her home. She is going to stand up to the Empire in her own way as […]

Cassian Andor and the band of Rebels hit the vault in the latest episode of the LucasFilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Star Wars: Andor.” After all the training, the crew is ready for the job that will help legitimize the Rebellion. In the end, we find out who really believes in the cause and who […]

Cassian Andor must get the group of rebels he’s been tasked with helping to trust him in the latest episode of the LucasFilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Star Wars: Andor.” The band of rebels clearly don’t trust Cassian, using the name Clem, as he was a very last minute addition to their incredibly dangerous heist […]

Cassian Andor begins to help what will become the rebellion in the fourth episode of the new Disney+ Original and LucasFilm Series, “Star Wars: Andor.” Cassian has fled his home planet of Ferrix and finds himself having to help the rebels steal from the burgeoning Empire on Aldani. Meanwhile, we are also getting a look […]

Obi-Wan Kenobi has another showdown with Darth Vader, while Leia Organa is returned to Alderaan and Reva, the Third Sister, hunts down Luke in the season finale, and possibly series finale, of the Disney+ Original Series, “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” The episode features a really good fight scene, a surprise return, some elements I didn’t like and […]

There are some great new episodes of Disney+ Originals, plus a series that premiered on Hulu in the United States makes the transition to Disney+. Let’s take a look at what to watch on Disney+ this weekend. OBI-WAN KENOBI The Disney+ Original Series about the Jedi Master that trained both Luke and Anakin is back […]

During the Lucasfilm showcase panel at Star Wars Celebration, the first teaser trailer was released of the new original series, “Willow”. It was also announced that “Willow” will be coming to Disney+ from Wednesday 30h November 2022. The series, which is Lucasfilm’s first venture into non-Star Wars storytelling since 2015, takes place years after the […]

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm and Disney will be running a celebration throughout the year by releasing commemorative, fan-favourite 50th anniversary Star Wars products. This celebration will begin in January and will run throughout 2021 with special edition product releases. “Consumer products have always been an integral part of the Star Wars fan […]