The God of Mischief returns on his mission to help restore the timeline destroyed when Sylvie killed he who remains. Ahsoka Tano wraps up her mission to stop the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Spiritual experts investigate the Haunted Mansion. And Mickey and his friends return for a new Halloween special. Let’s take a look […]

Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra join together to try to track down Thrawn before he escapes in the season finale of “Star Wars: Ahsoka.” Morgan Elsbeth takes her place among the Nightsisters and is granted the Blade of Tanzin. And an army of Nighttroopers is created to assist in the latest battle between the Light and […]

As Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger are reunited, Grand Admiral Thrawn has come up with a plan to distract the pair of them and Ahsoka Tano while he work on his own evil scheme in the latest episode of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Originals Series, “Star Wars: Ahsoka.” A Senate panel for the New Republic […]

In 2022, Disney+ unveiled the special presentation format. This can be an excellent way to introduce some lesser known characters from Disney properties without giving them a feature length film or a Disney+ series. While the special presentation started with Marvel, there are some great characters in Star Wars that could receive a special presentation. […]

Ahsoka Tano continues her mission to track down Sabine Wren and stop the return of Thrawn. Marvel gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Secret Invasion.” Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney continue their quest to turn the Wrexham Football Club around. And Charles, Mabel and Oliver continue their investigation into the latest murder at […]

Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati and Sabine Wren finally reach their destination as Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger enter the fray in the latest episode of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Star Wars: Ahsoka.” Ahsoka and Huyang continue their quest to find Sabine and try to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn. Plus, some […]

Ahsoka must make a choice as she meets and battles Anakin Skywalker in the world between worlds in the latest episode of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Star Wars: Ahsoka.” Hera, Huyang and Carson Teva are searching the planet for any sign of Ahsoka Tano or Sabine Wren. Hera’s son, Jacen, whose father was […]

Ahsoka and Sabine are trying to re-acquire the map that may lead them to Thrawn and Ezra Bridger in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “Ahsoka.” The pair end up on the same planet as the Fallen Jedi they are trying to defeat. It leads to an action-packed battle between the two sides, […]

With a huge shift in the entertainment industry, Disney is looking to scale back its international expansion, as part of a continued effort to save over $5 billion dollars.  And today, it has been revealed that Disney will be closing down its VFX and animation studio in Singapore, which is run by Lucasfilm/ Industrial Light […]

Every month Disney+ adds new series and films to the service. It also adds new seasons of popular shows that are already on the service. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Films and Series. I’m excited to see each in August 2023. AHSOKA Set after the fall of the Empire, “Star Wars: Ahsoka” […]

The latest Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Star Wars, “Ahsoka” is coming to the service in August. Introduced in “The Clone Wars” movie, Ahsoka has become one of the most popular characters in the “Star Wars” canon. She has appeared in animated films and series as well as making live action appearances in Disney+ Original Series. […]

When Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the company was launching its own streaming service, he promised “an unparalleled lineup of content” and referred to it as “a new era of innovation and creativity.” But less than four years since the service launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, and Bob Iger announced dozens of […]

The world’s greatest archaeologist goes on four different missions to find important historical artifacts. And get a first hand look at several Pride parades. Let’s check out what to watch this weekend on Disney+. INDIANA JONES AND THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK In this first installment of the series, which was nominated for eight […]

The greatest Lucasfilm project not named “Star Wars” has made its way to Disney+. The first four “Indiana Jones” films are now available on the streaming service ahead of the theatrical release of the fifth film in the series, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” There’s even been an Indiana Jones collection added to […]

Indiana Jones is back years after helping his father find the Holy Grail and this time he is searching for quite the odd McGuffin in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” Indy reunited with Marion Ravenwood, meets the son he never knew he had and gets betrayed by an ally, again. In […]