Wrexham supporters take center stage again in the third episode of season two of the hit soccer docuseries, “Welcome to Wrexham.” In the episode entitled “Nott Yet,” the show focuses on the city’s growing pride in their team as Ryan Reynold and Rob McElhenney are clearly making an effort to turn Wrexham into a winner. Wrexham supporters are coming out strong as the team is having a borderline historic season in the National League with hopes of being promoted to League Two. But Wrexham’s biggest rival is still standing in their way.

This episode puts the focus on a city and a group of people who feel like they aren’t allowed to have nice things. With many of the businesses leaving the area, Wrexham is going through a tough time, and the local football team has been bad every step of the way. But, with the money to bring in better players thanks to the celebrity ownership group that took over Wrexham, they are getting a little respite from all the struggles because the team is playing better than most in the city have ever seen. It may be a struggle in Wrexham, but many are starting to see the city’s true value thanks to the success of Wrexham AFC.

The team is seeing support like it never has before. Reporters in the show noted that Wrexham is seeing nearly five thousand supporters at away games no matter how far away from Wrexham the game is being played. Of course, gathering supporters of your own will also lead to a little bit of jealousy from rival clubs, and this case is no different. The fans of other clubs are vocal they believe that Wrexham is buying its way into promotion which, to be fair, is exactly what’s happening. Still, these fans also understand that if a new ownership group with more financial resources bought their teams, they would be excited to see the group do the same thing.

Meanwhile, Nott County, Wrexham’s big rival is matching them win for win as the two teams sit atop the National League standings. Eventually, most of the jealousy and hatred turns to understanding and a “good for them” attitude. That’s probably due to how much Wrexham has suffered and how loyal many of these fans have been. Meanwhile, Ryan and Rob try to direct any jealousy and hatred towards them, saying the city and fans deserve support for all they’ve been through, but the Hollywood celebrities deserve any frustration opposing fans feel like lobbing.

Rating: 4 stars

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