As Oliver’s show closes in on its most critical rehearsal, the trio closes in on a potential suspect and an old friend throws the investigation into a tizzy in the latest episode of the Disney+ and Hulu Original Series, “Only Murders in the Building.” Oliver’s girlfriend, Loretta, is rehearsing her number when police try to take Ben’s brother away for questioning. Loretta confesses to Ben’s murder to get all of the focus off Dickie. This leads to Oliver suffering a heart attack as his girlfriend is being taken away and his show is once again in jeopardy.

This episode throws in a nice little twist to connect Loretta and Dickie. While it’s been known Loretta has a book with a lot of pictures of Ben and Dickie together, it’s been assumed that Loretta had an infatuation of some kind with Ben. This episode reveals that Loretta is actually Dickie’s mother who had him as a teenager and gave him up for adoption to go chase her dreams on the stage. It also explains her motivations for confessing to a murder that she clearly didn’t commit. While I don’t think Dickie committed the crime either, it makes sense that if Loretta thought police suspected Dickie, she would throw herself on the sword for the man she wants to protect more than anything.

Meanwhile, this episode shows how far Oliver and Charles have come when it comes to investigating. They know they won’t be able to sit in on the interrogation, but they need to find a way to hear them. They make themselves look like a pair of bumbling idiots, but it’s all a ruse that allows them to set up a recording device. Granted, we don’t know what the other members of Oliver’s play said during questioning since the episode ended with Loretta’s confession, but I’m betting we get some fun little tidbits from the recording before the season comes to a close.

With only two episodes to go, this series is tying together nicely. Dickie mentioned he was adopted and then his parents were able to conceive and he had a brother. Loretta mentions she had a child that she had given up for adoption years before. Mabel has been constantly investigating the murder while Oliver and Charles have been focused on the play. Plus, Oliver’s mild heart attack from earlier this season comes back around when he’s at his most stressed. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 4 stars

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