After Oliver recovers from his heart attack, the trio starts working together to clear Loretta’s name and figure out who really killed Ben Glenroy in the penultimate episode of “Only Murders in the Building.” The trio retrace Ben’s steps on the night he was killed and learn more about how scared Ben was and how his abrasive presentation was masking his nerves. He was genuinely trying to connect with his castmates. It leads to an interesting courtroom confrontation as the trio is certain they discovered who killed Ben while Loretta was taking the fall.

I really enjoyed the trio listening to the police interrogations as they experience everything that happened in the 30 minutes between Ben’s arrival at the studio and him passing out from the poison. Paul Rudd shines in this performance as Ben. You can feel his frustration, his anger, his nerves and everything about him that made him want to do well and believe that everyone was against him. It’s a representation that brings a lot of pity for Ben’s character who has been presented as an uncaring jerk through the bias narration of each individual angry at Ben. It’s a misunderstanding that can’t be understated.

I love how Oliver and Charles are convinced they understand how to get what they want but really don’t, while Mabel actually does. Oliver thinks carrying a ladder will get him into anywhere. Charles thinks a man crying will sway people to his side. Mable figures out that no one will stop a bride on what’s believed to be her wedding day. This led to some of the most genuinely funny moments of the season, and it was great to see the trio back together again on what turned out to be Mabel’s 30th birthday.

If the revelation that Donna is the killer turns out to be true and not a red herring, I get it, but I’m not the biggest fan. It makes sense given her speech to Loretta about doing anything to protect your children, but it’s almost predictable. Seasons one and two had nice twists for the reveals. This just seems like rehashing another female killer. Maybe they were hoping using a woman again would subvert expectations of them picking a man, but it just feels rather meh. Of course, if it’s a red herring for someone unexpected, it may be a brilliant red herring. We’ll have to wait one more episode to find out.

While this is my least favorite of the three seasons of this show, it’s still really good. This show has delivered almost every episode for 29 episodes. I hope season three ends on a high note.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of episode nine of season three of “Only Murders in the Building?”

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