20th Century Studios’ latest film is “No One Will Save You”, which is a sci-fi psychological thriller that stars Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, who is a creative and talented young woman who’s been alienated from her community over an incident, which is slowly revealed throughout the film.   Brynn returns to her family home and lives a lonely life, but she is hopeful that she can eventually become accepted by her community.

But that’s not really the main part of the film, as one night, she is woken up by some strange noises in the house, to which she investigates, leading to an action-packed face-off with some extraterrestrials.  There are plenty of jump scares to make you leap off the sofa and plenty of moments that will make you question what’s actually going on.

This is a very strange film. Without wanting to give too much away, this film needs you to pay attention while watching it, as there is barely any dialogue in the film, and the idea that she’s lonely and ostracised from her community is a powerful aspect of the film, especially when she does reach out for help, as even that doesn’t go the way you’d expect, hence the name of the film.

There are plenty of big action moments as Brynn deals with the invaders, which may have many viewers watching with a pillow in front of them, as it’s pretty scary.  This film has a classic sci-fi horror feel to it; it feels like a movie from a different era. If it weren’t for a date being shown on a gravestone, I would have assumed it was set in the 70’s or 80’s.   And as an 80s kid, I really enjoyed the simplistic approach to the film.

I’ve also got to mention the ending of the film, because it honestly goes in a direction I was never expecting, to the point where the credits roll, and you might question what you’ve actually watched, because it goes against the grain of every other sci-fi film.  It almost feels like a weird mix-up of Alien, Stranger Things and Home Alone.

Overall:  “No One Will Save You” is a really enjoyable sci-fi film that feels like it came from a different era.  It’s simple, but very effective.  It has twists and turns throughout.  And just as importantly, it leaves you questioning the ending.  Kaitlyn is fantastic in this film. She tells the whole story with just a little look or facial expression!  I really enjoyed it, I’m not sure it’s a movie I could watch again, because like with other films like “Signs” or “The Sixth Sense”, that initial watch has all the twists and surprises, which going in for repeated viewings won’t hit again.  Try to watch this film as soon as you, so it doesn’t get spoilt.  It’s a fantastic film to enjoy at home during the Halloween season, because it will make you jump and also entertain you throughout.

Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5

“No One Will Save You” is out today on Hulu in the United States, Star+ in Latin America and on Disney+ around the world.

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