The latest comedy film from 20th Century Studios is “Quiz Lady”, which stars Awkwafina and Sandra Oh, as two sisters, who are total opposites, Anne is a brilliant but tightly wound, gameshow-obsessed young woman, while Jenny (Oh) has a train-wreck of a life, who is currently living out of her car.

When their mother escapes from the nursing home, the two sisters’ lives are brought back together when Anne’s beloved dog is kidnapped due to their mother’s gambling debts, and they need to find $80,000 to get the dog back.  This leads to the pair heading on a cross-country adventure to get the money by taking part in Anne’s favourite hit quiz show, which is hosted by Will Ferrell’s character.

“Quiz Lady” is very much the typical straight-to-streaming film; it is enjoyable and funny, but not a movie people are likely to head out to the cinema to see.  But it’s perfect for a quick hour-and-a-half movie that we just don’t see as often any more. 

The plot is, as you might expect, pretty predictable. There wasn’t anything in here that felt overly original or something we’ve never seen before.  There are some funny moments along the way, especially one rather freaky moment in the hospital with Jenny’s wrist and a few other fun little moments along the way, but it certainly wasn’t a film I spent most of it watching while laughing.  Unfortunately, it’s in the end credits where some of the most funniest moments in the movie happen.

After years of watching Sandra Oh playing more serious characters in “Killing Eve” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, it was refreshing to see her playing a completely different character type, and she certainly was the highlight of the film, as it’s Jenny, who brings the chaos to the film, since Awkwafina’s character is so dull.  While Anne is a reliable character in that she has a relatively quiet life, keeping herself to herself, and is socially awkward, just her getting annoyed at her sister and shouting every now and again, doesn’t make up for the fact she’s a little boring.  Eventually, she comes out of her shell, once her confidence is boosted, but its a bit of a slug getting there.

Overall:   “Quiz Lady” is an easygoing comedy that I’d certainly recommend watching, as the relationship between the sisters is charming and there are some funny moments along the way, but the plot is just so predictable, that it never reaches that next level.  It’s got some nice feel-good moments along the way, where the sisters realise they do have one another’s backs and love each other, even if they don’t always show it.  “Quiz Lady” is enjoyable, but sadly, it never fully goes to that next level and is a little bit forgettable; however, I’d still suggest giving it a whirl this weekend.

Rating – 3.5 Out Of 5

“Quiz Lady” will be released on Friday, 3rd November 2023, on Hulu in the United States, on Star+ in Latin America and on Disney+ around the world.


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