With Disney+ launching in the United Kingdom and Ireland on March 24th, it was announced that the  DisneyLife platform would be closing down on April 23rd. DisneyLife has now been completely shutdown.  When visiting the official DisneyLife website, it now auto redirects to Disney+.   On its social media accounts it has shared: DisneyLife is […]

Disney has officially confirmed that DisneyLife will be coming to a close on April 23rd, just a month after Disney+ launches in the UK and Ireland on March 24th. On the official Disney+ help website, it states: We’ve enjoyed bringing you the stories you love with DisneyLife. And to ensure that we can offer even […]

It’s been a while since DisneyLife has been updated with new content, but this week some new episodes of the Disney Channel show, Coop & Cami Ask The World, have been added, including: Would You Wrather Take Your Mom to the School Dance? Would You Wrather Have a Hippo? Would You Wrather Put a Sock […]

It’s the weekend and time to check in on what’s been added to the British & Irish streaming service, DisneyLife. For fans of the Big Hero 6: The Series, there are four new episodes from the first season: Rivalry Weak Fan Friction Mini-Max Steamer’s Revenge And there was also five new episodes from the second […]

It’s the weekend and time to check out what the latest additions to the UK and Ireland streaming service, DisneyLife, have been.  And the biggest addition is the Disney Channel “Freaky Friday” remake. Ellie is a 16-year-old attempting to assert her independence from her mom, Katherine, a mother struggling to understand her stubborn teenage daughter. […]

If you’re a DisneyLife subscriber and after some thing new to watch this weekend, DisneyLife has added the 2016 live action movie, The Finest Hours. When a massive winter storm traps more than 30 sailors on a fast-sinking ship, four U.S. Coast Guard members set out to rescue them in a 12-seat boat, braving 60-foot […]

While the Netherlands gets to try out the trial version of Disney+, the original “Beta”, DisneyLife continues to get updated with new content, even though there hasn’t been anything new added to DisneyLife in weeks, then within a few days we have a wave of new episodes and a major blockbuster movie in Cars 3. […]

In this video, I take you through a tour of the DisneyLife streaming app, which is available in the UK and Ireland.  This app features hundreds of movies and thousands of shows, many of which are expected to be on Disney+ as well. Check out the video below:

It’s the weekend and time to check in to see what has been added to DisneyLife in the UK and Ireland, which has added plenty of new episodes to keep viewers busy over the summer school holidays. New episodes from the fourth season of Sofia The First include: The Birthday Wish In Cedric We Trust […]

Ever since Disney+ was announced and plans were revealed that Disney wanted to take the new streaming service global, it raised questions from subscribers to DisneyLife, Disney’s streaming platform in the UK and Ireland. It’s been expected that DisneyLife would be replaced by Disney+ and according to a Media Nations UK 2019 Report from Ofcom, […]