Disney+ has a series of collections available in its search engine to help users find the films, series or short they would like to see. One of the collections, the Critically Acclaimed Collection, looks at award winning and award nominated films, series, shorts and specials. Let’s take a look at some of the films and […]

An American teenager and high school basketball player gets entangled in a battle between Chinese gods. Chip ‘n’ Dale return to their Park Life. And a 90s kid’s life becomes “intertwined” with 2021. Let’s take a look at what to watch this weekend on Disney+. AMERICAN BORN CHINESE Based on the graphic novel of the […]

A high school student who struggles to fit in gets more than he bargained for when he’s tasked with showing a new foreign exchange student around school in the Disney+ Original Series, “American Born Chinese.” Jin Wang gets thrust into battle with mythical Chinese gods, and it’s all connected to the foreign exchange student he […]

June is going to be another bumper month for new original programming from Disney, including a brand new Marvel Studios series, plus a new film from Searchlight Pictures and many new documentaries. Here’s the rundown: Note: This list is subject to change Secret Invasion In Marvel Studios’ new series “Secret Invasion,” set in the present […]

Last year, Warner Brothers Discovery CEO David Laszav revealed that they would be taking a number of shows and films from HBO Max and removing them from the service, to write them off for business purposes, because they were considered to be a failure, either with regards to viewing numbers or how they didn’t bring […]

“The Simpsons” meets “Star Wars” in the latest Disney+ Original short made for “Star Wars” Day. In “Rogue Not Quite One,” Homer leave Maggie in Grogu’s baby carrier while he goes into the cantina to get a drink. Maggie accidentally takes the carrier to space where she is hunted by TIE fighters and a baby […]

It’s “Star Wars” Day, May the Fourth. It’s the day many “Star Wars” fans have dedicated to celebrating the popular science fiction franchise. There are movies, series, shorts, specials, books, comics, games, toys and so many other things to celebrate with May the Fourth. This article is going to take a special look at the […]

On May 4th, Disney+ will debut a new series aimed at younger “Star Wars” fans. The Young Jedi Adventures follows a group of four young Jedi as they go on adventures, as the name suggests. Ahead of that series premiere, Disney+ has unveiled a series of six shorts to serve as a teaser for the […]

The Australian women’s soccer team is on the road to hosting the 2023 World Cup, and they have to get ready to put on their best showing in front of their home fans in the Disney+ Original Series, “Matildas: The World at Our Feet.” This series follows the team from the announcement that Australia will […]

Peter Pan and Wendy Darling get the live action film treatment. Track the previously uncharted world of the Florida panther. And follow some young Jedi as they study the ways of the Force during the High Republic. Let’s take a look at what to watch this weekend on Disney+. PETER PAN AND WENDY “Peter Pan […]

“Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.” is back for a second season, and this time, there’s new challenges for the teenage doctor as she tries to navigate being a teenager while also being a doctor. She experiences her first true rough patch with her first boyfriend, Walter, which leads to them breaking up. She develops feelings for a […]

Din Djarin and Grogu wrap up their mission to help restore Mandalore before Baby Yoda begins his training to be a member of the Children of the Watch. A member of BTS travels the world looking for musical inspiration. And your friendly neighborhood Spider-man’s first four live action cinematic adventures make their way to Disney+. […]

The Mandalorians work together to take down Moff Gideon and the clones he is working on in the season finale of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Series, “The Mandalorian.” Grogu is able to use IG-11’s frame to help save Mando. Bo-Katan loses the dark saber again but is able to defeat Moff Gideon with the […]

Jeremy Renner is taking vehicles that he’s purchased over the years and having a crew refit them so they can be used to benefit the community in the Disney+ Original Series, “Rennervations.” Renner, who is best known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a collector of unusual vehicles. Rather than classic cars, […]