Ahsoka must make a choice as she meets and battles Anakin Skywalker in the world between worlds in the latest episode of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Star Wars: Ahsoka.” Hera, Huyang and Carson Teva are searching the planet for any sign of Ahsoka Tano or Sabine Wren. Hera’s son, Jacen, whose father was training to be a Jedi until Order 66, can sense lightsabers underneath the water. After Hera and company rescue Ahsoka, the quest is on to find Sabine, Baylan Skoll and the rest before Grand Admiral Thrawn can make his return.

For my money, this is the best episode of “Ahsoka” to date. The storytelling is so dense, and while the world between worlds may be confusing for those who didn’t watch Filoni’s animated works, they did a good job of explaining that it was a new training for Ahsoka. Plus, Hayden Christensen is back as Anakin and playing the role very well, even if the deepfake technology still looks off.

The purgil return and it’s finally what fans of “Rebels” have been asking for. While Grogu saw a purgil outline in “The Mandalorian,” this is the first time we’ve really seen them in live action since their appearance in “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” While they may have helped with Kessel run in that film, they are best known for helping the crew of the Ghost during “Rebels” and being the means of transportation that Ezra Bridger used to transport Thrawn away from the Rebellion, explaining his absence during the Original Trilogy. The space whales, as some call them, looked great here and I really enjoyed that use of CGI.

There were some nice references to other “Star Wars” properties that helped tie this in with the overall universe. Carson Teva references Senator Organa. For those who have read the canonical novels released since Disney took over Lucasfilm, Leia became a Senator in the New Republic before taking over as leader and general in the Resistance during the Sequel Trilogy. Huyang also names Kanan Jarrus, who was a major character on “Rebels” and the father of Jacen Syndulla. His picture had previously been seen in the Ghost’s cockpit when Hera left on her unapproved mission.

While there have been some flaws with this series, as with any other, I’m really enjoying where it’s going. This series has built on itself in a strong manner and nothing has felt like filler. While this isn’t on the level of “Andor,” episode five brought back some strong season one “The Mandalorian” vibes when it comes to storytelling. I’m really looking forward to where this series is going.

Rating: 4.75 stars

What did you think of this latest episode of “Star Wars: Ahsoka?”

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