Season two of the Marvel and Disney+ Original series, “Loki” is coming to the service in October. Introduced in “Thor,” Loki has become one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has appeared in the “Thor” and “Avengers” films as well as making animated appearances and starring in season one of his own live action series. To prepare for season two of “Loki,” let’s take a look at his previous appearance you can check out before it returns.


Introduced in the fourth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Hiddleston played the God of Mischief, Loki, brother to the title character, “Thor.” He is the main villain of the film, setting up Thor to invade the land of the Frost Giants and being banished by Odin. Loki then takes the throne when Odin falls into a deep sleep until Thor comes back and Odin wakes up defeating Loki. He appears to die but survives to return for more mischief.


Returning two films later in Marvel’s “Avengers” film, he is now a henchman for Thanos who purposely gets himself caught to bring the parts of the Avengers together. His purpose is to pit them against each other while he calls the Chitauri to attack New York, but he inadvertently brings together Marvel’s strongest team of superheroes to save the world. It’s a slight demotion for Loki, but he’s still the main villain the Avengers interact with. Loki is taken back to Asgard as Thor’s prisoner.


Returning in “Thor: The Dark World,” Loki first appears in prison in Asgard until Malekith invades killing Thor’s and Loki’s mother. This leads Loki to team up with Thor to try to avenge their mother. Loki appears to die again, but it’s revealed that he is actually still alive and impersonating Odin.


After being discovered impersonating Odin by Thor, Loki and Thor go to Earth to find Odin. After Odin dies, their sister Hera returns from her captivity to take over Asgard and send them to Sakaar. Eventually Thor and Loki reunite and work together to return to Asgard in an attempt to defeat Hera. Eventually, the pair destroy Asgard and flee with the Asgardian population, and it finally appears that the relationship between Thor and Loki has healed.


Thanos is now ready to complete his quest for the Infinity stones, and he is target the ship that Thor and Loki are on. This is Loki’s shortest appearance in an MCU film as he is only in it for a few minutes before he is killed off. But, as we’ve seen before, death is never the end for Loki.


During the time heist, some of the Avengers go back to 2012 and the Battle of New York where Loki is captured and handed over to Thor. This unredeemed version of Loki manages to escape and ends up teleporting through time. While this is another short appearance for the God of Mischief, it perfectly sets up the first season his Disney+ Original Series.


After jumping through time, this Loki variant is captured by the TVA. He quickly joins up with agents in an attempt to track down a variant of himself that is causing trouble throughout time. This leads to one of the wildest Disney+ Original Series to date and the introduction of one of Marvel’s most iconic villains.


Loki makes an appearance in the animated series “What If…?” While the episode mostly focuses on Thor and how that version of the character would play into the animated world being set up, Loki and Thor are on good terms and partying together in the series.


While this isn’t really canon, it’s still a fun appearance for Loki. This short connects the Marvel universe to the Simpsons universe and leads to some fun interactions between Bart and Loki.

Those are the Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances (and a Simpsons appearance) by Loki available on Disney+. Check them out before season two premieres in October.

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