Earlier this month, Disney announced that the next Pixar SparkShort called “Burrow” would be released in front of “Soul” when it arrived in theatres in November. However, after news that “Soul” is coming to Disney+ on Christmas Day instead of going to cinemas, it’s now been confirmed on Instagram by Pixar SparkShorts producer “David Lally” […]

Disney has announced that the next Pixar SparkShort will be “Burrow” and is scheduled to be released alongside the all new animated movie, “Soul“. “Soul“ and “Burrow” are due to be released in cinemas on November 20th. “In Disney and Pixar’s new short film Burrow, a young rabbit embarks on a journey to dig the […]

Disney has released a new video showcasing how Pixar made the Disney+ Original Sparkshort, “Out”, which tells the story of Greg, who on an average day, has a life that is filled with family, love and a rambunctious little dog – but despite all of this, Greg has a secret. Today is different, though. With […]

Disney has released the soundtrack for the Disney+ Original Pixar Sparkshort, Out.  This album is available on digital platforms including Amazon  and includes two tracks by Jake Monaco, who has previously scored two other Disney+ Original shorts for Pixar, including Lamp Life and Forky Asks a Question. There is also a third track by that […]

The SparkShorts program is all about breaking down boundaries and pushing forward with experimental ideas, in addition to using new talent within Pixar.  We’ve already seen shorts about toxic masculinity at work, autism, dog fighting and immigration, now Pixar is taking on another big subject. Pixar’s latest SparkShort is called “Out” and tells the story […]

Disney has released a poster and a sneak peak trailer for a brand new Pixar Sparkshort called “Out”, which will be coming to Disney+ on Friday 22nd May.  This new short tells the story of Greg and his dog, who is struggling to tell to come “out” to his parents that he is gay. The […]

In Disney’s “Next On Disney+” video for May, a new Pixar Sparkshort called “Out” was revealed to be coming to Disney+ on Friday May 22nd. The SparkShorts program is designed to discover new storytellers, explore new storytelling techniques, and experiment with new production workflows. Little else is known about the short yet, however the preview […]

Recently Disney has released the soundtrack to the Disney+ Pixar SparkShort, Float, which is available to download on digital platforms including Amazon. This EP features 5 tracks composed by Barney Jones, who also scored the Pixar SparksShort Smash and Grab. Here is the track list for this album: 1. Bouncing Baby (1:33) 2. Duck and […]

Disney has recently released the soundtrack to the Disney+ Original SparkShort, Loop. The album has been composed by Mark Orton, who has previously worked on Nebraska, The Good Girl, and My Old Lady. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on It’s available now on digital platforms on Amazon. Here is the tracklist: 1. You […]

“Loop” is the sixth Pixar SparkShort to arrive on Disney+ and it tells the story of two kids at canoe camp find themselves adrift on a lake, unable to move forward until they find a new way to connect and see the world through each other’s eyes. It’s one of the shorter “SparkShorts”, but its […]

Pixar’s latest SparkShort is called “Wind”, which is set in a world of magical realism and sees a grandmother and her grandson trapped deep down an endless chasm, scavenging debris that surrounds them to realize their dream of escaping to a better life. “Wind” could have been popped in front of a cinematic release like Onward […]

Kitbull is part of the new Pixar SparkShort program, which is an experimental storytelling initiative that welcomes new creative voices at Pixar to share their stories. This short is directed by Rosana Sullivan and the story reveals an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull, who […]