The SparkShorts program is all about breaking down boundaries and pushing forward with experimental ideas, in addition to using new talent within Pixar.  We’ve already seen shorts about toxic masculinity at work, autism, dog fighting and immigration, now Pixar is taking on another big subject.

Pixar’s latest SparkShort is called “Out” and tells the story of Greg, who is moving to the city with his boyfriend, Manuel, but still hasn’t told his parents about being gay.   As you would expect from Disney,   there is a little bit of magic involved as the short takes on a “Freaky Friday” theme as Greg switches places with his dog, Jim, resulting in some fun and heartwarming moments.

There are some really great moments in this short, it’s light and uplifting, with bits that made me laugh and cry. Seeing Greg’s mum sharing her heart to Jim the dog and the realisation that she knew all along, was fantastic. And for me the final scene involving Greg’s dad embracing Manuel was touching, much like the magical dog, I also had to wipe away a tear. It’s so refreshing having a story that we’ve just not seen portrayed in animation before.

The animation style is simple, but effective, while it can be a little jarring sometimes but it allows some interesting scenes, especially the more magical moments, which completely caught me off guard. It’s animation style is more similar to Kitbull, than the more traditional computer generated graphics that Pixar is known for.

This is a really important subject and can be one of the biggest moments in someone’s life, so it’s fantastic to see Pixar breaking down the boundaries and showcasing the first openly gay storyline and main character in animation.  While Onward did include a lesbian Cyclops called Officer Spector, this short is far more important.

“Out” is a amazing short and a must see, as it made me laugh, cry and is incredibly uplifting. This is what the SparkShort program is all about and letting Disney push those boundaries. A very easy recommendation.

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

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Roger Palmer

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