Kamala Khan is transported back in time to when India and Pakistan were divided during Partition in the latest episode of the Marvel and Disney+ Original Series, “Ms. Marvel.” In this episode, we finally learn about Kamala’s great grandmother, how she left the Djinn to start a family and how one particular Djinn took her […]

The next instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is “Thor: Love & Thunder”, which picked up after the events of “Thor Ragnarok” and “Avengers: Endgame”, where the Asgardians have a new life on earth and Thor is on other planets with the “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, trying to find himself. But soon, he is pulled […]

National Geographic takes an in-depth look at some of the more delicate and vulnerable aspects of the lives of sharks in the nature documentary, “50 Shades of Sharks.” Go on a journey to learn about the mating habits, hunting habits and eating habits of several different species of sharks. You’ll learn about many biological differences […]

National Geographic is providing a lot of shark related comment for the month of July on Disney+, including the documentary, “Raging Bull Shark,” which looks at how this particular breed of shark is the most common to attack people. The documentary teaches about both the feeding and mating habits of the bull shark, how it’s […]

The son of Zeus is turned into a human and must find a way to be a hero so that he can once again become immortal and return home to Mount Olympus in “Hercules.” Hercules is raised by a couple in ancient Greece, finds Philoctetes to learn how to be a hero, fights Hades and […]

The latest 20th Century Studios film to be released exclusively on Disney’s streaming services is “The Princess”, an action-packed fight to the death set in a fairy tale world that stars Joey King as the Princess. If you’re expecting a classic Disney fairytale film, this isn’t is as the basic story is that The Princess […]

ESPN Films continues its look at the importance of Title IX and what is means for equal opportunities in education, and how athletics has influenced those equal opportunities in the documentary series, “37 Words.” While Parts 1 and 2 gave us a look at how Title IX came to be and the struggles that came […]

ESPN takes an in-depth look at one of the most controversial athletic figures in history in the two part documentary series, “LANCE.” The series takes a look at the life of Lance Armstrong; his upbringing, how he got into cycling, his battle with and recovery from cancer, the creation of his foundation, his seven Tour […]

Kamala Khan learns about her past, her heritage and her culture in the fourth episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “Ms. Marvel.” Kamala and her mother travel to Pakistan to see her grandmother and her cousins. Once there, she is intercepted by the Red Daggers, a group that is trying to stop the Djinn from […]

Big Hero Six’s Baymax returns with a brand new collection of six shorts, featuring the affable, inflatable, inimitable healthcare companion. The series of shorts is set in the fantastical city of San Fransokyo, and each short sees Baymax helping out a new character, who is dealing with a unique problem. The problems include an allergic […]

A family of villains is on the run and must hide out as a normal family in the small town of Valley View, Texas in the Disney Channel Original Series, “Villains of Valley View.” The first 5 episodes are currently available on Disney+ and look at how the family keeps their secret from their landlady, […]

National Geographic’s latest series is “America The Beautiful, ” which looks at many of the most amazing places in the United States, including the great plains, the Rocky Mountains, the oceans, the swamps and everything in between. This series has been created by the award-winning producers of “Planet Earth,” “Frozen Planet” and the “Disneynature” films. […]

Predators and prey live in harmony, but don’t and someone is trying to drive the wedge between them even further in the 2016 Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “Zootopia.” In the outskirts of the world, prey tends to fear predators, but in Zootopia they are treated somewhat similarly. But when several predators start going “savage,” […]

ESPN takes a look at the battle women had to wage for equality in education in the United States and how that spilled over into athletics in the 50 for 50 documentary series, “37 Words.” The first two episodes dropped on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 22nd here in the US. The first two episodes look […]