Mabel gains an unlikely ally after her attack on the Subway. Meanwhile, Charles and Oliver are trying get in touch with Mabel to find out what happened while answering questions from a detective conducting an off-the-books investigation in the latest episode of “Only Murders in the Building.” Theo came to Mabel’s aid after she was […]

The Predator franchise returns to its roots in the newest film, “Prey”, which is a story set in 1719 and is about a young woman, Naru, who is a fierce and highly skilled warrior, but she has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains and […]

The villains are back as five more episodes of “The Villains of Valley View” have been added to Disney+. In episodes 6 through 10, Jake meets up with Starling but learns that Starling has mistaken him for someone else she has saved. Then, Starling figures out Jake is Chaos, but doesn’t turn him in when […]

The emperor is a bad man, but after he’s transformed into a llama, he learns how to be a good emperor in the 2000 Walt Disney Animation Studios picture, “The Emperor’s New Groove.” Kuzco plans to build a pool on Pacha’s land, but when he fires his adviser, Yzma, she tries to kill him. But […]

A team of scientists try to determine how many Great White sharks are swimming in the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast of North America in the National Geographic documentary, “Counting Jaws.” This team is counting three tribes of sharks that usually stick to the same waters in the Pacific Ocean. Two of the locations […]

“Not Okay” is the latest Searchlight Pictures film to be released exclusively on Disney’s streaming services around the world and follows Danni Sanders, played by Zoey Deutch, who is an aimless aspiring writer with no friends, no romantic prospects and — possibly worst of all — she has no followers.  She’s completely unaware of the […]

Sharks are considered the apex predators of the ocean, but could they be hunting their own kind? That’s the question scientists are trying to answer in the National Geographic documentary, “Cannibal Sharks.” The documentary looks at the remains of sharks that have clearly been attacked by something bigger. Many of the sharks are so big […]

Oliver is waiting on news to find out if Will is really his son. Charles is struggling with how to break up with Jan despite the fact she tried to murder him. And Mabel is struggling with her new relationship, Charles’ relationship with Jan and the murder investigation in the latest episode of “Only Murders […]

Following the success of the “LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special”, a brand new summer holiday special is coming to Disney+ on Friday 5th August 2022.  This special is around 45 minutes long and is set after the events of “Rise Of Skywalker”.  With the First Order now defeated, Finn takes his friends on a surprise […]

A sperm whale carcass off the coast of Hawaii leads to one of the most amazing discoveries ever found in the water in the National Geographic documentary “World’s Biggest Great White?” The film follows a crew that went to observe tiger sharks feeding on the carcass when they got the surprise of a lifetime, three […]

A small Utah town is shaken when a young mother and her young daughter are murdered in the Disney+ Star/Hulu Original Series, “Under the Banner of Heaven.” Detective Jeb Pyre is a faithful Mormon who is leading the investigation. But while looking into what led up to the murder he ends up learning more about […]

Are sharks vicious predators who will hunt anything and anyone? Are dolphins friendly creatures who will protect people from a shark attack? A documentary follows scientists who are trying to track fights between sharks and dolphins in the National Geographic documentary, “Sharks vs. Dolphins: Blood Battle.” This documentary gives an in-depth look at the history […]

Disney moves fully away from the musicals of the Renaissance and jumps right into its Experimental Age of Animation with the 2000 film, “Dinosaur.” The film follows Aladar, an Iguanodon who is taken from his home as an egg and ends up being raised by lemurs. When a meteor destroys their home, Aladar and his […]