Oliver, Charles and Mabel finally investigate the case together for once, but it ends with all three separated, and at odds with each other, in the latest episode of the Hulu and Disney+ Original Series, “Only Murders in the Building.” Oliver finds an old director friend who informs him of the fight Ben had with both Loretta and Charles on opening night. Charles struggles with loneliness after Joy left him and President McKinley, one of their pet fish, behind. Meanwhile Mabel’s relationship with Tobert is growing both in a professional and personal sense.

This episode takes quite the detour with Howard convinced that he is responsible for Ben’s death. Howard explains an old theater superstition and his belief that his failure to sweep before opening night caused Ben’s death. While this clearly means that Howard isn’t the killer, it still sends the trio on their first true joint investigation since Ben’s funeral. The curse of Gideon Gooseberry ends up being a wild Gooseberry chase as Mable and Tobert learn their prime suspect isn’t responsible, but Oliver is convinced his prime suspect is responsible, and he decides he’d rather be a Broadway director than a murder podcaster or investigator.

The most interesting part of this episode, for me, was the issues Charles was facing. He clearly wants the gang back together just like Mabel, but he also wants to continue his career as an actor. He is at odds with both Oliver and Mabel because he isn’t on board with either of their motives at this point. He isn’t a singer, so he doesn’t want to be in a Broadway musical even if he does want to act in a Broadway play. He wants to find the killer, but he doesn’t like seeing how close Mabel and Tobert are getting given Tobert is a potential suspect and his own issues with his girlfriend being Tim Kono’s killer. While Mabel and Oliver are a little predictable here, he is trying to keep the peace while being an emotional wreck. It’s the most compelling story for the three main characters.

With only four more episodes to go, I’m interested to see where this is still headed. Right now, they are pointing all the fingers toward Loretta, but honestly, that would be an uninspired choice. If it is Loretta, it will be the third straight female killer. It would be the big guest star they got for the season in Meryl Streep. And it would be the second time they used the romantic partner of one of the main characters as the killer. I think it’s a misdirect to set up someone else as the killer, but the question then becomes who? Will it be a good option? If they nail this, it will be a great end to the season. If they don’t, it will be a disappointing third season.

Rating: 3.5 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Only Murders in the Building?”

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