In a rare, global removal, the LEGO animated short, “LEGO Frozen Northern Lights” is no longer available on Disney+.  The short was created by LEGO and was originally released on the Disney Channel in 2016, as a tie-in with a book release. The annual appearance of the Northern Lights over Arendelle always means good luck […]

As part of Disney’s Princess Week, a brand new first-of-its-kind Disney “Frozen” Podcast has been announced, which is being created by Disney Publishing Worldwide, in collaboration with ABC Audio and Walt Disney Animation Studios. This original podcast extends the storytelling of the beloved Walt Disney animated film as an audio-first offering, complete with new characters […]

Disney’s Revival is an era of animation that ran from 2009 to 2019. It’s a time when Disney films started hitting on all cylinders following the animation changes of the Experimental Age. Most of these films were box office successes, but many also featured unusual choices for villains. Some were meant to be surprising while […]

Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that they are developing a third “Frozen” film, which will bring together Elsa, Anna, Sven and Olaf back together again for another adventure. Since the initial release of “Frozen” in 2014, it spawned a sequel, along with multiple shorts, a musical and a whole-themed land at its […]

The Disney Revival Era of Animation began in 2009 and represents a time when Walt Disney Animation Studios films have become more financially lucrative than during the Experimental Age of Animation in the 2000s. There is some debate if we are still in the Revival or if a new era of animation has begun. For […]

During today’s quarterly financial results call, Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that it is going to be leaning in more heavily on its brands and franchises, which will include new sequels to some of its biggest franchises, including “Toy Story”, “Zootopia” and “Frozen. Bob Iger said: “Today I’m so pleased to announce that we […]

Three classic Disney animated films have had indigenous language versions added onto Disney+ today in a number of countries, including the US. “Bambi”, “The Lion King”, and “Moana” have received new versions, which you’ll find in the extra section of each film. “Moana” is now available in Tahitian, which is a Polynesian language that is […]

Earlier this year, Disney announced it was going to be releasing special sing-along versions of some of its most well-known hits like “Moana”, “Encanto”, and “Tangled”. As subscribers watch the Sing-Along version of these films, they will be able to fully immerse themselves in the music with on-screen lyrics. The upcoming Sing-Alongs will allow viewers […]

Disney has been in the animation game for a long time, but did you know that there are technically two different animation studios that work under the Disney name? It is true – there are both Disney Animation Studios and Pixar. Both of which have extensive rosters of titles on Disney+. How easy is it […]

It’s time once again for another Disney+ battle. This week we are comparing a film from Disney’s Experimental Age that underperformed at the box office but has a decent reputation among fans and one of, if not, the most popular musicals from Disney’s Revival. Let’s compare “Frozen” and “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.” 1. PROTAGONIST The […]

The Disney+ catalog is quite extensive as is. It has something for pretty much everyone’s taste. However, there are a few titles that I wished were available on the streaming service that I will discuss below and hopefully provide a few recommendations that you can watch to help ease that “missing” feeling. The first title […]

The Winter Olympics are back on February 4th. The games are meant to encourage competition and cooperation between nations around the world. There are several movies on Disney+ that fit with the Olympic theme. Let’s take a look at some things to watch to get into the Winter Olympics mood. 1. MIRACLE This 2004 film […]

Disney is releasing a brand new collection of five shorts called “Olaf Presents” on Disney+ Day (12th November 2021), which sees Olaf retelling classic Disney films including “Moana”, “Aladdin” and “Tangled”. Each short is about 90 seconds long and is inspired by Olaf’s scene in “Frozen 2”, which saw him recapping the events of “Frozen”. […]

A family living in Arendelle tells a story to their kids about the elemental spirits of the land that make up the mythical history of the land’s past, present and future in “Myth: A Frozen Tale.” This short is designed as a virtual reality experience for people who don’t have access to VR technology. It’s […]