This coming Friday, Disney is releasing a new “Cut Paper” version of the “Arendelle Castle Yule Log”, which has been hand-crafted from paper with custom designs by Walt Disney Animation Studios’ acclaimed visual development artist Brittney Lee (“Frozen,” “Frozen 2” and production designer on “Myth: A Frozen Tale”), the Arendelle Castle Yule Log: Cut Paper […]

Disney has released a brand new poster for the new collection of shorts, “Olaf Presents”, which sees Olaf step into the spotlight and going from snowman to showman as he takes on the roles of producer, actor, costumer and set builder for his unique “retelling” of five favorite Disney animated tales in “Olaf Presents,” a […]

To get everyone into the holiday spirit and to offer something to pop on in the background while your friends and family are spending quality time together, for the third year running, Disney is releasing a brand new version of its popular “Arendelle Castle Yule Log”. In a recent announcement about the next issue of […]

With the release of “Raya and the Last Dragon,” the Walt Disney Animation Studios has now released 13 films that can qualify as “princess” films. These date back to the very first feature length film from the studio, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” While the first princess appeared all the way back in 1937, […]

Nielsen has announced its top 10 streaming charts for the week of 10th May through to 16th May 2021 for the United States. There are three different charts, Top 10 Originals, Acquired Shows and Movies. For the first time in months, Disney+ completely slipped out of the top 10 Original series list, with “Star Wars: […]

Disney gives “Frozen” fans a chance to see Olaf’s early life in “Once Upon A Snowman.” This short looks at the time right after Olaf was created by Elsa right up until he catches up with Kristoff, Sven and Anna. It’s a fun way to spend a few minutes for the Olaf, or “Frozen,” fan […]

Last January, Disney Animation released a series of innovative short films that gave employees across the Studio a chance to create their own Disney stories. Each of the Disney+ Short Circuit films has a unique theme, but perhaps none is as compelling as “The Race”, a film that shows the character of Death trying to […]

Last year, Disney Animation released a Virtual Reality short film called “Myth: A Frozen Tale” on the Oculus Rift. From Walt Disney Animation Studios, and featuring the voice talent of Evan Rachel Wood (Frozen 2), Myth is an immersive journey through Arendelle lore that blends traditional hand-drawn animation with the latest in VR technology. The new […]

Disney has announced they will be releasing a new “Arendelle Castle Yule Log” for the Holiday Season. It will be coming to Disney+ on Friday, December 11th. The official description states: For your holiday celebrations, set the wintry mood with Anna and Elsa’s Arendelle Castle yule log. The castle is newly decorated this year with […]

This past Friday, Disney Released a new Frozen short, “Once Upon A Snowman” on Disney+.  In the short, it follows Olaf’s first steps as he comes to life and searches for his identity in the snowy mountains outside Arendelle. Today, Disney have released four new posters for the short: Have you checked out “Once Upon A […]

To tie-in with the release of the new Frozen short, “Once Upon A Snowman”, which was released on Disney+ on Friday October 23rd, Walt Disney Records has released the soundtrack to the short. The EP is available on digital platforms including Amazon and includes one single 6-minute track. This soundtrack has been created by Christophe […]

Today sees the release of the new Frozen short, “Once Upon A Snowman”, exclusively on Disney+. Everyone knows that he likes warm hugs, but few know the whole story about Olaf’s first moments—until now.  “Once Upon A Snowman” tells the previously untold origins of the innocent and insightful, summer-loving snowman who melted hearts in Walt […]

Disney’s latest Frozen short is “Once Upon A Snowman”, which is coming to Disney+ on Friday, October 23rd.  The 8 minute short kicks off straight into the middle of Elsa singing “Let It Go” and follows Olaf’s first steps as he comes to life. He heads off in search of his identity in the snowy […]

Disney has released a trailer for the new Frozen short, “Once Upon A Snowman”, which is coming to Disney+ on October 23rd. The previously untold origins of Olaf, the innocent and insightful, summer-loving snowman who melted hearts in the Academy Award®-winning 2013 Disney animated feature, Frozen, and its acclaimed 2019 sequel, are revealed in the […]