In a rare, global removal, the LEGO animated short, “LEGO Frozen Northern Lights” is no longer available on Disney+.  The short was created by LEGO and was originally released on the Disney Channel in 2016, as a tie-in with a book release.

The annual appearance of the Northern Lights over Arendelle always means good luck for the kingdom, as well as happy childhood memories for Anna and Elsa. This year, the sisters race excitedly to Lookout Point with Kristoff, Sven and Olaf only to discover the lights have mysteriously gone missing. They journey far to the north in search of the lights, only to encounter sudden storms, frozen fjords and icy trails. Only together can they restore the Northern Lights and set everything right in Arendelle once more.

There are many reasons why “LEGO Frozen Northern Lights” has been removed from Disney+, such as the removal could be a mistake, and the show could return at a later date, or the licensing agreement between Disney and LEGO has expired.  Since the short was created back in 2016, it’s unlikely that this series has been removed as part of an impairment charge as a write-off, similar to other recent removals like “Willow”, since it existed before Disney+ was created. The short is also no longer available to purchase on digital platforms such as Apple.

It’s unknown if “LEGO Frozen Northern Lights” will return to Disney+ in the future.

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Source – Guia Disney+ Brasil

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