Kamala Khan learns about her past, her heritage and her culture in the fourth episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “Ms. Marvel.” Kamala and her mother travel to Pakistan to see her grandmother and her cousins. Once there, she is intercepted by the Red Daggers, a group that is trying to stop the Djinn from […]

Kamala Khan is learning more about her past and how the bangles give her powers in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series “Ms. Marvel.” Kamala discusses more about her Great Grandmother with Kamren and his family. Plus, Kamren’s mother asks Kamala to help her family return to their place in time. But, when […]

Disney is taking families that have lost that sense of family time and putting them on a week-long journey to spend more time together in the new Disney+ Original Series, “Family Reboot.” Each episode follows a family where the members have gotten so lost in their individual lives, it feels like they’ve lost touch with […]

Four kids living in the small Italian town of Castelcorvo must solve puzzles and fight evil to rescue other kids in the Disney+ Original Series, “The Knights of Castelcorvo.” The four kids are called by a pair of sister witches and must uncover secrets to help free those who have been taken. In the end, […]

Disney blends reality competition television with the fantasy genre in the 2022 Disney+ Original Series “The Quest.” It’s essentially a reboot of a 2014 show that aired on ABC. A group of teenagers travels to the fictional world of Everealm where they compete in a series of challenges to find out who is the One […]

Four teenage friends gather to celebrate one of their birthdays when an electrical disturbance bends time and reality sending two of them into a parallel universe and causing one of them to age to his 30s in the Disney+ Original series, “Parallels.” This French fantasy series calls back to many popular films and certainly brings […]

The Walt Disney Company is giving us a look behind three special projects they are working on in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “Disney Insider.” This episode has three featurettes focusing on the new Harmonious show at EPCOT, Tiana’s Place on the Disney Wonder cruise ship and a virtual addition at Oga’s […]

We are getting an inside look at three more facets of the Walt Disney Company in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “Disney Insider.” In the 11th episode of the series, we get featurettes that focus on Star Wars toys, the 30th Anniversary of “Beauty and the Beast,” and Disney on Ice. My […]

“Disney Insider” is back giving viewers a look at some of the big things Disney has been working on across all of the company’s platforms. The eighth episode of this Disney+ Original takes a look at a new collaboration between Disney and Cirque du Soleil, the Muppets latest special on Disney+ and a tour of […]