The Muppets wrap up the first season of their new sketch comedy show, “Muppets Now,” with episode 6, “Socialized.” In this episode, Scooter has to deal with the new social media intern; Kermit’s nephew, Robin; Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beeker try to make more stuff explode before being stopped by Joe from Legal; the Swedish […]

Hugh Jackman and 20th Century Fox try to rectify the mistakes of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in the second solo movie for the most popular of the X-Men, “The Wolverine.” Almost the entire film takes place in Japan as Logan is hired to protect a man he once saved from the atomic blast at Nagasaki before […]

The Ducks are back and after winning the Minneapolis Pee-Wee hockey championship and the gold medal at the Jr. Goodwill Games, the team is… headed to high school? Yeah, this one is weird. This film keeps up the long standing tradition that the third movie in trilogies really isn’t very good. Many of the stars […]

The Mighty Ducks are back and this time they aren’t just looking to win a peewee hockey championship, they are looking to take on the best of the world at the Junior Goodwill Games in “D2: The Mighty Ducks.” The ducks represent Team USA at the international competition being held in Los Angeles and are […]

“Earth To Ned” is the newest Disney+ Original series and is a late-night talk show that is hosted by Ned, who is the commander of a spacecraft that has been sent to Earth to blow it up, but has fallen in love with celebrities. The show is created by the Jim Henson Company and features […]

Go back and meet the brother songwriting duo responsible for some of Disney’s most popular songs from some of its most beloved classics in “The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story.” This documentary details the lives and careers of Robert and Richard Sherman. The brothers wrote many of the classic songs for Disney’s hits in the […]

The Muppets are back with the fifth episode of their Disney+ Original series, “Muppets Now.” In this episode, Scooter must give all of the segments uploaded to the Muppets web page before the I.T. Department makes a major change to the software. Miss Piggy is back with her “Lifestyle” segment that has been in every […]

Disney and Pixar take us to Monstropolis to see how those monsters that keep hiding in our closet get in and why they need the screams to help power their city in “Monsters, Inc.” The 2001 film is the fourth film made by Pixar Studios and the fourth bona fide hit. This film is a […]

A group of four family and friends go to space and develop superpowers they must use to defeat a rich scientist who went on the space mission with them in the 2005 film, “Fantastic Four.” The film based on the team of Marvel superheroes is the second attempt to make a movie based on the […]

The Flynn and Fletcher family are back along with their friends and pet platypus, who is really a secret agent, as Phineas and Ferb have to travel to a different planet to save their sister Candace. The evil ruler of a distant planet kidnaps Candace, and her friend Vanessa, believing she is the chosen one […]

National Geographic takes us on an out of this world journey and shows us what the surface of Mars looks like and gives us an idea of what it may have once looked like in the documentary, “Mars: One Day on the Red Planet.” The documentary takes a closer look at the fourth planet in […]

The “Weird But True!” team is back teaching kids some incredible facts about national parks. The episode starts with Carly and Charlie debating about where to hold a jamboree. Charlie’s fears about the backyard being messed up leads to the discussion about national parks. During the episode, the pair show viewers national parks internationally before […]

A group of undersea explorers return to one of the most famous ships in history in “Back to the Titanic.” The team of explorers are working to settle some myths about the ship that many thought was unsinkable before it sank. The team learns more about the lifeboats and their deployment, the cabin of one […]

In this What’s On Disney Plus Podcast episode, Roger and James share their thoughts on Disney’s Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time movie, which is based on the classic video game series.   If you enjoy our podcast, please consider supporting it via our Patreon from as little as $1 a month and get access […]

James Cameron introduces the world to Pandora as he brings one of the most anticipated films in history to the big screen in “Avatar.” The film gives us a look at a group of Americans who end up trying to forcibly remove people from their home and knock down the trees because the forestland stands […]