National Geographic takes us on an out of this world journey and shows us what the surface of Mars looks like and gives us an idea of what it may have once looked like in the documentary, “Mars: One Day on the Red Planet.” The documentary takes a closer look at the fourth planet in our solar system and shows us images from the rover exploring the planet. We learn more about the water that once flowed on Mars and an incredible valley on the planet that is the size of the continental United States.

This was a really cool documentary. The solar system is one of the most wondrous things to study and it’s just plain awesome to see what may have been on other planets before and what they look like now. Given that for years, people have written stories about little green men coming from Mars to invade our planet, I’m completely enamored by the idea that Mars once had water and could have bacteria. While I don’t know if Mars ever supported intelligent life, it’s clear there is more to this planet than meets the eye. It also makes me curious as to what we can learn about the other planets in our solar system and even Pluto, which is no longer classified as a planet.

In one trip around the sun, this documentary shows us volcanoes, lakes, ice and spaceship crashes. A lot of the topography is similar to earth meaning the two planets are not as different as we once thought. The images learned in this one day helped scientists build accurate views of Mars and helped them uncover the secrets of the red planet.

I’m not sure if I love learning about space and other planets more than I love learning about oceans on earth, but this is one of the best documentaries I’ve watched since I started reviewing films and series on Disney+. It grabbed my attention from beginning to end. Once again, National Geographic knocks another documentary out of the park. I can’t express how much better the National Geographic Documentaries are than the DisneyNature ones, but I, absolutely, love watching the National Geographic documentaries. I can’t wait for the next one. And, I can’t wait for more documentaries about space, planets, comets and our solar system.

Ranking: 4.5 stars out of 5

What did you think of “Mars: One Day on the Red Planet?”

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