The smash-hit Disney+ series continues, and the fourth episode of “WandaVision” is very different from the first three episodes.  If you’ve been unsure about what’s going on in “WandaVision” or don’t like the sitcom setting, then this episode is where things take a very different take and return us to the real world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where we find out what’s actually going on.


While we saw some of the aftermath of people returning from the “blip” in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, it seems we’ve not touched the surface on the repercussions from that event.  Since the show kicks off with Monica returning from the “blip” and it was so strange, since the events of “Endgame” feel so long ago.  The confusion and panic in the hospital don’t do it justice, could you imagine coming back and thinking nothing has happened, but the world has moved on without you.  I wish they’d have spent a little longer on that with this episode, but I’m sure it’ll be explored in future episodes and Disney+ series.

This whole episode is about giving us an insight into what’s going on from an outsider, with Wanda creating her own “Truman Show” and gives us reasons behind all those little moments in the series that made no sense, like the Beekeeper coming out the sewer, the toy helicopter and the voices through the radio.  It’s genius.

That is the benefit of doing “WandaVision” as a series, they’ve had time to set this up, let those ideas stew over in our minds for the past two weeks as we wait for new episodes to drop.  Something that just wouldn’t be possible in a movie, since they wouldn’t have the time to explain and take it slowly.  For people that want the entire season to be dropped at once to binge, this episode shows why the weekly drop is helping build that anticipation, since if you can jump into the next episode or as some people might have done, skipped or watched the episode on fast forward because they didn’t like the sitcom aspect.

This episode is very much the origin story of Monica Rambeau, who looks set to become an important character for Captain Marvel 2 and the new Ms Mrvel Disney+ series.  I also liked how they’ve brought in some other characters from “Thor” and “Ant-Man”, which help ground the show with some familiar faces.

“WandaVision” has been unique, but this episode brought us swinging back into the larger MCU, things have been explained, and the show is now almost halfway through, with this episode really setting the tone for what’s coming next.

One scene that made me physically gasp was the sight of a grey Vision with his Mind Infinity Stone missing that was haunting.  We get a glimpse of Wanda in a different light to the previous episodes, she’s raw and emotional, she just wants to live a normal life with Vision, but at what cost.

Episode 4 finally answers some questions about “WandaVision” and changes the direction of the show; it’s easily my favourite episode of the show so far.  It’s a payoff to the past few weeks, it has brought everything together and now I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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Roger Palmer

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