In May of 2020, after a large effort from fans of the Percy Jackson book series as well as the author of the series Rick Riordan pushing for the #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson movement, Disney announced a TV series based on the beloved middle-grade novel series. So why is this relevant to the title? Well, let me explain […]

Welcome back to the Disney+ Battle series. Every so often, I’ll match two popular Disney films against each other to see which one comes out on top through a series of five categories. This week, it’s one of the films from the Disney Renaissance against the last film of Disney’s Post Renaissance Era as “The […]

If there’s one thing, Disney+ isn’t short on; it’s great stories, offering hundreds of movies and series to lose yourself in as well as having a dedicated Celebrate Black Stories Collection. My issue? Disney+ seems to lack a collection of films and series about people with disabilities. Let me explain. Loop Is Amazing, But It’s […]

Disney+ is a hit, there’s no disputing that, but something many people have been questioning is if Disney+ is the Disney streaming service, then why are they acquiring the rest of Hulu? And in Latin America, the question is asked why are Disney launching Star+ when it just launched Disney+ in this region? Well, this […]

We all deal with mental health in some form, whether that be depression, anxiety, stress, addiction and trauma, to name a few things millions if not billions of people suffer from, so why doesn’t the worlds biggest and most well-known entertainment brand Disney, show mental health and depression in their Disney+ Originals? Note: I will […]

Back in 2010, 20th Century Studios released the first film in the Percy Jackson movie series, which was loosely based on the first Percy Jackson book Percy Jackson and The Olympians The Lightning Thief (the film and books basically only share the character’s names and have very few other connections) which later received a sequel […]

Disney+ has already garnered over 100 Million subscribers, but Disney needs to eventually raise subscription prices so they can fund their next round of originals. As Rick Riordan said in one of his blog posts, “Good TV ain’t cheap”, the question becomes, How does Disney gain more subscribers without upping prices too high? My answer […]

We’re back with another Disney+ battle. And, this week we’ve got quite the disparity in films. “Melody Time” is a package film from Disney’s Wartime Era of animation released back in 1948. “Wreck-It Ralph” is my personal favorite film of Disney’s Revival Era of animation released in 2012. But, which one wins this battle? Let’s […]

This past week, Disney officially announced the initial lineup of content coming to Disney+ for its new general entertainment brand “Star”, which will bring a huge expansion of TV series, movies and originals to subscribers in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and […]

Each week, I answer questions from our Patreons/YouTube Channel Members and this week, questions included: When will Disney start promoting Star on Disney+? What else will be available on Star at Launch? Will Star Originals be released weekly? Could the Spider-Man & Indiana Jones movies be added to Disney+? Why do countries have different film […]

Viacom CBS has announced details of its rebranding of it’s streaming service, CBS Access, to Paramount+, will launch in the U.S. on Thursday, March 4th, 2021. ViacomCBS will also bring Paramount+ to international markets with initial debuts in Latin America on March 4th, 2021; the Nordics on March 25th, 2021; and Australia in mid-2021. The […]

2020 will probably go down for many as one of the worst years in history, and as we approach the end of the year, I’ve been taking a look back at many of the best Disney+ Originals of the year including both movies and series. Unfortunately, not every Disney+ Original that has been released in […]

Ever since it exploded onto the streaming scene in late 2019, Disney Plus has become one of the world’s most popular streaming services with over 80 million users globally. For many people, Disney Plus represents one of the more expensive streaming services, so getting the most out of your subscription is always a good thing. […]

With The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader finally released on Disney+, the entire Disney-20th Century Studios Narnia trilogy is together for the first time. (It’s a shame all 7 novels weren’t produced as films, which now Netflix will attempt, but that’s another story.)  However, currently, at least two dozen Disney-owned franchises […]