Back in 2010, 20th Century Studios released the first film in the Percy Jackson movie series, which was loosely based on the first Percy Jackson book Percy Jackson and The Olympians The Lightning Thief (the film and books basically only share the character’s names and have very few other connections) which later received a sequel in 2013 which was loosely based on Percy Jackson and The Olympians Sea Of Monsters (which also had barely any similarities to the book it was based off besides sharing character names).

With a TV series based on the Percy Jackson series of novels in development for Disney+ and Netflix developing a movie based on Riordan’s first book in The Kane Chronicles series and according to Riordan’s blog, his upcoming standalone novel Daughter Of The Deep also is reportedly benign adapted into a film (studio/streamer partner is unknown), many fans seem to be questioning Who Will Expand The RiordanVerse For TV and Film? Once Disney and Netflix release their productions.

What Is The RiordanVerse? The “RiordanVerse” is the name given to Rick Riordan’s expanded universe of middle-grade fiction based around mythology and demigods. The book series in the RiordanVerse are the following.


  • Percy Jackson and The Olympians
  • The Kane Chronicles
  • Trials Of Apollo
  • Magnus Chase
  • Heroes Of Olympus.

We know Disney is making the Percy Jackson series, and Netflix is working on Kane Chronicles, so the question is, should Disney expand its deal with Rick Riordan to produce TV and movies from other Riordan properties?

Which Books Are Closest Linked To Percy Jackson?

Whilst all the books that followed Percy Jackson that are listed are part of the RiordanVerse, Magnus Chase, Heroes Of Olympus and Trials Of Apollo are the most closely linked to the Percy Jackson series.

Percy appears in the first book of the Heroes Of Olympus series, and Heroes Of Olympus leads into the Trials Of Apollo series, and Magnus Chase is a series of novels about the cousin of Percy Jackson’s close friend Annabeth Chase. The Kane Chronicles had a cameo appearance from Percy in the third book, however, but the series isn’t as interconnected as the other four series within the RiordanVerse.

Why Disney Should Jump In and Expand the RiordanVerse:

Obviously, Disney+’s biggest breakout series have been set in the Star Wars Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe, but if the Percy Jackson TV series is popular enough, Disney may consider making a new agreement with Riordan to adapt some of his other novels.

With every media franchise trying to become a huge expanded universe, Disney could snatch up the remaining rights to the other RiordanVerse novels and try to make it as complete as possible and give Riordan full creative control (of course).

Percy Jackson fits the build of a franchise to be adapted into a TV and film expanded universe, especially when you consider the fact there’s enough source material to adapt into that expanded universe?

What do you think? Would you want to see Disney adapt the other books in the RiordanVerse?

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