As the streaming wars continue to rage, one of the most important things for each corporation that operates a streaming service is to appeal to a broad audience. Disney+ outside the US and Latin America appeals to a massive audience with everything from horror movies to classic comedy films; in the US, though, it’s very […]

DIsney+ has been ahead of the pack regarding its explosive growth since the service first started launching in a trickle of countries in November 2019. In the US, Disney-owned Hulu offers a series of add-on services, so with the recent discussion of a Disney version of the Amazon Prime service, I thought I’d compile an […]

With Disney+ offering content from its parent company’s almost 100-year history, many have questioned why certain content from Disney’s almost hundred-year legacy isn’t available for streaming on Disney+, well I want to share my point of view and if Disney+’s ad tier could potentially lead to more legacy content being made available to Disney+ subscribers. […]

Since Disney+’s launch, the service has offered a truckload of content and continued building its library. Likewise, so has Disney’s ambitions as an entertainment empire. Whilst we’ve heard of Disney wanting to make an Amazon Prime competitor as well as building their own “metaverse”, I want to take a look at one of Disney’s most […]

Ever since its launch, Disney+ has consistently added content from big-name stars and added featured collections for many franchises that live on Disney+ like “Home Alone” and “Cars”, but I want to take a look at some of the actors and directors who have been behind so many of Disney’s classic titles and why Disney+ […]

Disney+ offers a slew of content from several world-class brands, including titles from ABC, 20th Century Studios, Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar, among others. With the success of the first season of “Star Wars Visions” and the announcement Disney is making an anime based on their “Twisted Wonderland” mobile game, it begs the question, what […]

When Disney+ launched in a handful of countries in 2019, many people theorised that we would eventually see everything The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries, past and present, if it was “family-friendly”. Since 2019 Disney have changed CEOs, weathered a pandemic and in many countries transformed Disney+ in a majority of countries, having the […]

Since its launch, Disney+ has been making great original content, and more recently, Disney+ has been throwing its hat in the ring and producing tons of shows from countries outside the United States. Some content Disney+ has commissioned and released that was made outside the US includes “Weekend Family”, “Parallels”, “Intertwined”, but more importantly, a […]

In 2017 it was announced that 20th Century Fox had opened discussions to sell a majority of their assets, including the likes of Fox Searchlight, FX, National Geographic, and Hulu (30%), among other assets and their entire back catalogue of TV shows and movies. In March 2019, Disney finalised its acquisition of 20th Century Fox, […]

Since its launch, Disney+ has become a hub for many types of content, including animation, science fiction, musicals and documentaries. Disney+ has, in the last few months, added a slew of ESPN documentaries to their platform, so let’s take a look at if we could ever actually see live sports on Disney+ in the future. […]

Ever since Disney was founded in 1923, Disney has been adapting fairytales and books. With some of their most notable films like “Mary Poppins”, “Peter Pan”, “Robin Hood”, and “Cinderella” are all based on books. With Disney+ adapting several books, including “Percy Jackson”, “The Graveyard Book”, and “Out Of My Mind”. So let’s take a […]

After ending its third season with thunderous applause and becoming a mainstay series for teenagers and adults for Hulu in the US and Disney+ in many countries, it’s time we ask the question, could “The Orville” become the next big franchise on Disney+? Let me explain what we could potentially see, thanks to “The Orville” […]

Reboots, Remakes, Sequels, Spinoffs, Revivals and Prequels are all the range in Hollywood these days, largely thanks to the financial success of many of Disney’s live-action remakes of their animated classics. Disney+ has seen a slew of content continuing preexisting franchises, including “The Mighty Ducks”, “Turner and Hooch”, “Monsters Inc”, and “The Proud Family”, among […]

Disney has existed for almost one hundred years. In that time, Disney has produced thousands of films and television series as well as produced content telling stories from an infinite number of ideas, including films about talking animals, talking cars, aliens, and so much more. Disney has also produced films about minority groups, so I […]

Since Disney+ launched in 2019, they have produced many great originals, from “The Mandalorian” to “Moon Knight”, but Disney has also been producing a slew of programs in countries such as France, Latin America and South Korea. With the explosive growth of international content, especially within the K-drama and Anime industries, let’s take a look […]