With Netflix supposedly getting ready to make video games available through its Netflix streaming service, I’ve got to ask the question, will Disney follow suit and add games within the Disney+ streaming service? Let’s talk about it. What Video Games Does Disney Own? Disney owns several video games through its retired Disney Interactive Studios and […]

With the recent reveal of the Star Wars Anime series Star Wars Visions and its mostly positive reception, I decided I would take a look at other well-known franchises, Disney could adapt into anime. Twisted Wonderland Let’s start this list off with the Japanese mobile game co-created with Disney and Aniplex. Why is Twisted Wonderland […]

As expected, Disney+ has grown to 110 Million subscribers, also expected is the growth of Disney+ is slowing in a lot of countries, so let’s have a look at the ways Disney can keep the growth going as the pandemic subscriber boost starts to slow, let’s discuss some ways they can continue their growth. Launch […]

One of the biggest things a worldwide entertainment conglomerate is having to create content that appeals to people outside of the conglomerate’s home country. Disney is a great example of an entertainment giant which produces hundreds of TV shows and movies annually, with some of them being produced in languages like French, Spanish, Hindi, German […]

Alita: Battle Angel, the 2019 live-action cyberpunk adaption of the 1990s manga by Yukito Kishiro, let’s see if this film is a masterpiece or a certified dumpster fire. What Is Alita: Battle Angel About? Alita Battle Angel takes place in the year 2563, 300 years after an event referred to as “The Fall”. Whilst scavenging […]

Saturday Morning Cartoons are remembered fondly by an entire generation, and now with Disney moving Disney+ Original series from to Wednesday’s on Fridays, let’s talk about why Disney should use Disney+ to revive Saturday Morning Cartoons for Disney+. A Tradition Reborn? As previously mentioned, there was an entire generation who grew up with Saturday Morning […]

In May of 2020, after a large effort from fans of the Percy Jackson book series as well as the author of the series Rick Riordan pushing for the #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson movement, Disney announced a TV series based on the beloved middle-grade novel series. So why is this relevant to the title? Well, let me explain […]

If there’s one thing, Disney+ isn’t short on; it’s great stories, offering hundreds of movies and series to lose yourself in as well as having a dedicated Celebrate Black Stories Collection. My issue? Disney+ seems to lack a collection of films and series about people with disabilities. Let me explain. Loop Is Amazing, But It’s […]

Disney+ has already garnered over 100 Million subscribers, but Disney needs to eventually raise subscription prices so they can fund their next round of originals. As Rick Riordan said in one of his blog posts, “Good TV ain’t cheap”, the question becomes, How does Disney gain more subscribers without upping prices too high? My answer […]

Disney+ is a hit, there’s no disputing that, but something many people have been questioning is if Disney+ is the Disney streaming service, then why are they acquiring the rest of Hulu? And in Latin America, the question is asked why are Disney launching Star+ when it just launched Disney+ in this region? Well, this […]

Back in 2010, 20th Century Studios released the first film in the Percy Jackson movie series, which was loosely based on the first Percy Jackson book Percy Jackson and The Olympians The Lightning Thief (the film and books basically only share the character’s names and have very few other connections) which later received a sequel […]

We all deal with mental health in some form, whether that be depression, anxiety, stress, addiction and trauma, to name a few things millions if not billions of people suffer from, so why doesn’t the worlds biggest and most well-known entertainment brand Disney, show mental health and depression in their Disney+ Originals? Note: I will […]