It’s no secret that Disney has one of the most significant film and television libraries of any major media company. However, with Disney+ still causing The Walt Disney Company to lose billions of dollars annually, I want to discuss four ways Disney could leverage FAST/AVOD streamers to help balance out the losses, but first, a […]

Now this is going to be a controversial topic. A few weeks back, Disney removed over a hundred originals from Disney+ and Hulu globally; despite many fans being dishearted by the news, I want to discuss why this is a good thing for Disney+ and subscribers. So let me begin. Weeding Out Less Popular Content: […]

With the release of Star Wars Visions season two and which is a new format from Lucasfilm, the series expanded from just being shorts from anime studios to also having shorts from studios like British national treasure Aardman Animations (“Shaun The Sheep”) and the studio dubbed the “Irish Studio Ghibli” Cartoon Saloon (“Song Of The […]

In 1935 two well-known film studios Fox Film Corporation and 20th Century merged into what became 20th Century Fox before being acquired by Disney in 2019 and being rebranded as what we know today as 20th Century Studios. In this article, I’m going to look at some 20th Century Studios films from 1935 till 2000. […]

Disney+ is no stranger to continuing the notable franchises from their parent company, such as Star Wars, Marvel, and “Toy Story”.  With the recent success of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” and the recent announcement that there is a revival of the hit Disney Channel series “Phineas and Ferb” in the works. I wanted […]

I’ve made no secret that I feel like Disney has failed to represent people with disabilities fairly on Disney+, but following the shockwaves of Apple winning an Oscar for their film “CODA”, which starred a predominantly deaf cast, I figured I’d give Disney some help on representing people with disabilities. From adding a “Celebrate Disabled […]

Disney+, in all countries, houses thousands of films, television series, and shorts across various genres. But today, I want to focus on Disney+ UK and titles starring a Disney Legend and icon who also happens to be the man I idolize. So today we will look at the “Best Robin Williams Titles On Disney+ UK”. […]

Since its launch, Disney+ has traditionally been considered an “SVOD” or Streaming Video On Demand service much like Netflix. However, in late 2022, Disney+ made a massive step into live streaming when they streamed the Elton John concert “Farewell Dodger Stadium” globally. So let me explain some reasons why live events can become essential to […]

Ever since its launch, Disney+ has thrived within the science fiction genre with the service offering two of the biggest sci-fi franchises ever in Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but today I want to look at some other sci-fi franchises that I feel Disney+ could expand upon. The Orville Could Be Disney’s Answer […]

Disney’s Streaming Division, in 2022’s end-of-fiscal year quarter, famously lost $1.5 Billion, led by losses due to Disney+. In their first quarter of the fiscal year 2023, they lowered the losses but still lost a massive $1.1 Billion. So many people will be thinking, “What Does This Mean For Disney+ and Its Content?” More Focus […]

Throughout 2021 and 2022 I’ve written several articles about Disney+ and disabilities, but now I want to take a look at several disabilities that I feel need more light shined on them and why Disney+ could be the perfect home for Disney to tell stories about what is, in my opinion, the most forgotten minority […]

A couple of weeks ago, we saw Disney add a new music video under the “Extras” tab of the Pixar movie “Turning Red” and Disney+ adding and then quickly removing singalong versions of all the songs from Disney’s hit film “Encanto, I want to have a look at songs from popular Disney movies and franchises […]

With Disney+ being a roaring success and producing dozens of titles a year, I wanted to raise the question of what has been on many people’s minds. Will Disney broadcast their older Disney+ Originals on linear television? And with Disney’s recent actions by airing series like “Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” on Freeform, I wanted to […]

Back when Disney+ launched in the UK back in 2020, they offered much of what the US offered, including an extensive library of animated titles. Jumping forward to today and Disney+ UK offers an unrivalled library of animated content compared to over-streamers in the UK. Today I want to discuss the size of the animation […]

When Disney+ launched in 2019, they announced their plan to offer Disney’s back catalogue of movies and TV series. However, since Disney+ launched, the streaming industry has been shaken up with the launches of HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, and Netflix, losing a million subs before rebounding a couple of months later. Netflix added video games […]