When Disney+ launched in 2019, they announced their plan to offer Disney’s back catalogue of movies and TV series. However, since Disney+ launched, the streaming industry has been shaken up with the launches of HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, and Netflix, losing a million subs before rebounding a couple of months later. Netflix added video games to its service in 2021 to become more competitive with other streamers. Still, Disney has a vast library of a form of content that will allow them to dominate the competition. This is why Disney+ should add music to its streaming service.


Disney’s Music Catalog Is Full Of Iconic Hits:

Let’s first of all start with Disney’s music catalogue. There are thousands of songs in Disney’s music library, including, “Spoon Full Of Sugar”  from the film “Mary Poppins”, “You’re Welcome” from “Moana”, “Let It Go” from “Frozen” and “We’re All In This Together” from “High School Musical”.  Disney’s catalogue of music has grown massively since the company’s inception in 1923, and if they wanted to offer their music on Disney+ either as a premium perk or as a perk for everyone, it will allow more and more Disney fans to find their favourite classics easier and hopefully with the music videos.

Disney Now Owns A Lot Of Music From 20th Century Fox’s Back Catalogue:

Now let’s look at another massive reason why Disney should integrate a music streaming platform. They own the music catalogue from their former rival, 20th Century Fox (which was later acquired and then rebranded). Some notable movie soundtracks Disney own the rights to from 20th Century Fox library include “The Sound Of Music” and “The Greatest Showman” as well as hundreds of songs from hit shows like “The Simpsons”, “Bob’s Burgers” and “Glee”.

Disney+ Needs To Offer More Than Just TV and Film:

This is the biggest reason I can personally think of as to why Disney+ should offer music, and that’s the fact it will set Disney+ apart from competing services, similar to why Netflix now offers video games. Disney already owns a century’s worth of music tracks which they could use as a third pillar of content using music from content from their six core brands, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars. National Geographic and Star.   Disney regularly releases music videos on YouTube, pulling in millions of viewers, so it makes sense to utilise this type of content more.

How Should They Integrate Music Tracks?:

Now to this idea, there are a few ways Disney could integrate music tracks on Disney+. They could either add the music tracks into the extras tab of each film or television series or, more preferably, “Music”  would be its own content category like how movies and TV series are. Disney could also offer different genres of music, with some genres being things like “Family Fun”, “Classic Disney Hits”, “Summer Moments”, and “Holiday Hits”, among many others. Disney+ already streams the music videos “Calling All Monsters” and “Puppy For Hanukkah”, so adding music as its own content category with the scenes from the movies and series.

Final Thoughts:

Whilst I was working on this article, Disney+ added music videos from “Encanto” and “Turning Red”, so it looks as if Disney is working on adding music videos to Disney’s almost bottomless content library. Hopefully, Disney will continue this trend but siphon all the music videos into a third content category instead of listing them all under the “shorts” genre under the movies tab. Hopefully, if Disney is going to continue this trend, then hopefully we will see more titles like “Frozen”, “Tangled”, “Moana”, and “The Simpsons” would have all their songs added as individual music videos.

Hopefully, Disney will also allow us to download the music videos as audio files and allow us to put them in a playlist where we can listen to the songs offline, similar to how Spotify Premium works.

Do You Think Disney+ Should Add More Music Tracks and Videos?

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Ethan Holloway

Ethan is an autistic, type one diabetic, Disney fan who grew up with properties like Iron Man, The Lion King, Aladdin and Toy Story. Ethan wants to someday get his own books/films/TV shows made to inspire those with disabilities to be themselves, but for now, Ethan covers his opinions on Disney, their content and how Disney+ can improve.

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