Disney+, in all countries, houses thousands of films, television series, and shorts across various genres. But today, I want to focus on Disney+ UK and titles starring a Disney Legend and icon who also happens to be the man I idolize. So today we will look at the “Best Robin Williams Titles On Disney+ UK”.

Robin’s Genie Crawled So Will Smith’s Could Walk:

Let’s start with one of the films from Disney’s Animation Renaissance, the original animated 1992 classic “Aladdin”. “Aladdin” follows the titular Aladdin who is a street rat who, with his partner in crime, a small monkey named Abu, steal a magic lamp that houses Genie (voiced by Robin Williams), who must grant Aladdin three wishes which Aladdin uses to pursue the princess of the kingdom Princess Jasmine.

This film was many children’s introduction to the voice work and comedic chops of the late great Robin Williams. Even though he does not physically appear on screen, his impersonations and the way he delivers his lines show he was a master of comedy. The 2019 remake of “Aladdin” starred Will Smith as the Genie, and whilst he did a somewhat alright job, he can never match the greatness of Robin’s version of Genie.

Mrs Doubtfire Is Darker Than Many Realise:

Let’s move on to another of Robin’s most known characters, Mrs Doubtfire, where Robin plays a divorced Dad who dresses up as an elderly nanny called Mrs Doubtfire to see his three kids. What makes this film rather dark is that the film doesn’t have your traditional happy ending, sure Robin’s character gets joint custody of his kids, but there is no big family reunion. Mrs Doubtfire is my favourite Robin Williams performance as it shows his range as he plays his own character plus his character’s made-up character Mrs Doubtfire as well as putting on several other voices throughout the film as different characters.

Dead Poets Society Is A More Dramatic Take On Robin Williams:

One of many films Robin starred in as he looked to expand his filmography is the 1989 film “Dead Poets Society” which is a drama film where Robin stars as a teacher who teaches his students how to live life to the fullest however, when tragedy strikes leading to Robin’s character drawing the wrath of the other faculty members. This film was released before Robin hit it big with “Aladdin” and “Mrs Doubtfire”, but it’s an exciting film within his large portfolio.

Jack Shows Robin Was A Child At Heart:

This film is a shining example of Robin Williams’s talent as he was able to play a childlike character as a grown man. The premise of “Jack” is Robin Williams plays a ten-year-old boy who has a rare condition that makes him age four times faster than boys his own age. Robin can play a comedic role in “Jack”, much like his role in other films like “Mrs Doubtfire” and “Aladdin”. “Jack” shows Robin was always a child at heart.

Flubber Shows Robin Playing A Mad Scientist:

“Flubber” is arguably one of the strangest films in Robin Williams’s filmography. Well, his whole filmography is rather strange, to be fair, but still. “Flubber” shows Robin playing the mad scientist of Professor Philip Brainard, who works at Medfield College and is trying to find a new energy source that would help save the college from closure. “Flubber” is a remake of “The Absent Minded Professor”, but it’s a film that touched the hearts of millions of children who just wanted to see a silly scientist being silly with his experiment.

Good Morning Vietnam Is Robin At His Best:

“Good Morning Vietnam” is Robin Williams at his very best. The film follows Robin as a radio DJ during the Vietnam War on the Armed Forces Radio Service. One of the most notable moments in this film which shows Robin Williams as a talented comic, is the fact a majority of his radio broadcasts were actually improvisations. “Good Morning Vietnam” is also the movie which is behind the “GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!” gif, which is widely used on social media.

The Superstar Episode Shows The Life Of Robin Williams:

Okay, I’m kind of cheating on this one as it’s a documentary episode, but hear me out. The episode of ABC News’ “Superstar” focused on Robin Williams shows clips of interviews with Robin Williams as well as clips from his most famous roles, including characters he played for other studios (not Disney or 20th Century). This documentary episode is a celebration of the talent of Robin Williams but also, in my opinion, a warning of his tragic loss. If you’ve got the stomach to be able to laugh and be inspired but also stomach the dark truth of why Robin died, then this episode is worth watching.

Final Thoughts:

Robin Williams will always be one of the greats, he was able to transition from television to film in an era where that was difficult, and very few actors made the jump (Bruce Willis is another example). Even though there are more Robin Williams films on Disney+ UK, like “One Hour Photo” and “Old Dogs” but I wanted to focus on the films I consider to be his best. Robin Williams is a childhood icon for millions of people, and his tragic death in 2014 should serve as a warning to everyone in Hollywood and around the globe that even those who spend all their time making others smile, can be depressed and fighting demons.

What Robin Williams film is your

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