The Walt Disney Animation Studios television department gives us some quick glimpses at the dreams of everyone’s favorite helper in the “Baymax Dreams” shorts. There are currently six shorts available on Disney+. The first three deal with Hiro trying to clear out some programs for Baymax while he recharges. Baymax, then, experiences his version of many human nighttime tricks and dreams; such as counting sheep, bed bugs and experiencing different versions of himself in his dreams. Meanwhile, the second season features Fred hanging out in Baymax’s brain as he deals with cat videos, corrupt and reproducing files and a glitch. It’s quite the look into Baymax’s dreams.

My favorite of these shorts is probably “Baymax Dreams of Bed Bugs.” I really loved his literal interpretation of bed bugs after misunderstanding Hiro telling him “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” The bed bugs act like a virus in a computer programming constantly attacking Baymax. It’s fitting because, in this short, Baymax is fighting off a computer virus. It’s something we all experience when viruses attack our bodies and it makes sense for Baymax to experience something similar with his own viruses.

My least favorite of these shorts is probably a tie between all three that make up the second season. I don’t care much for the Fred character in these shorts. I find him very annoying and he didn’t improve the concept of three things that I can’t stand; cat videos, duplicate files and glitches. If anything, the Fred character hampered my enjoyment of these three shorts. If they didn’t change the format, they ran the risk of doing what Disney+ did later with the “Forky Asks A Question” shorts that ran the course way too quickly. I understand the need for a change, I just would’ve preferred a different change that I found less annoying.

All in all, this was a mixed bag for me. I really enjoyed the first three shorts, but found the second three shorts far less enjoyable. But, all six shorts did put me in the mood to watch “Big Hero 6” again, and maybe even check out “Big Hero 6: The Series” for the first time. It also has me very excited for the Baymax series coming to Disney+ soon.

Ranking: 3 stars

What did you think of the “Baymax Dreams” shorts?

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Jeremy Brown

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