Disney is apparently once again looking at some of 20th Century Studio’s family-friendly franchises for new content for Disney+, as according to a new rumour from Small Screen, Disney is reportedly working on a brand new “Alita: Battle Angel” prequel series for the streaming service.

Disney is in the process of developing an Alita: Battle Angel prequel show. This will be for Disney Plus. At the moment, it’s unclear if Robert Rodriguez and/or James Cameron will be coming back.

There has been lots of pressure from “Alita” fans on social media, but also from both Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron, to do something with the franchise.   With the rumours stating that they would be producing the series, but it’s unclear if they would be directing any of the episodes.

The original film was released in 2019 and based on Japanese manga artist Yukito Kishiro’s 1990s series “Battle Angel Alita” and its 1993 original video animation adaptation, “Battle Angel”.  The film was directed by Robert Rodriguez, who is directing one of the episodes of the second season of “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” and was produced by James Cameron, who has been recently directing the “Avatar” sequels for Disney in New Zealand.

Only last year, the producer of the film, Jan Landau spoke to CinemaBlend about possibly making more “Battle Angel Alita” content for Disney+.

Well, I won’t speak specifically about Alita. I would just tell you that I think Jim [Cameron] and I love the opportunities that streaming and these other avenues of distribution are offering people today. And you know, we would love to get into those playgrounds and play in them, no matter what the title is.

“Alita: Battle Angel” went onto make over $400 million dollars at the global box office and was the last film released by 20th Century Fox before that was purchased by the Walt Disney Company.

Disney has already started work on a number of reboots, prequels and sequels to multiple 20th Century Studio franchises including “Home Alone“, Night At The Museum”, “Cheaper By The Dozen” and “Percy Jackson“.

Would you like to see an “Alita: Battle Angel” series on Disney+?

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Roger Palmer

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  1. Rence November 29, 2020

    Im game. I hope they at least get Rosa back to play Alita, and getting Ed Norton back as nova would be a good get. But even if they can't get either of them, i'll give it a chance. I will give it more of a chance with Rosa as Alita though lol

  2. BlueSun November 29, 2020

    Disney looking to ruin another franchise I see...

  3. BlueSun November 29, 2020

    Also, fans are looking for a sequel not this crap

  4. Barry Bend December 1, 2020

    You know it was Disney with Captain Marvel that caused more trouble with the Alita movie release and personally as a fan of the original work would rather have an anime studio adapt the manga more than have a continuation of the movie adaptation. Plus what budget would allow for this as it would either end up being as bad as the Netflix Ghost in the Shell or worse have a budget that is severely under what is needed for the effects.