Back in 2019, 20th Century Fox released a film based on the manga “Battle Angel Alita”. The adaption received mixed reviews but became beloved by fans of the manga and actual movie fans. But before Alita was released, James Cameron, Rosa Salazar and Robert Rodriguez gave a pair of bionic arms to teenage model and actress Tilly Lockey, which inspired the Alita fanbase, who called themselves “The Alita Army”, to raise funds to donate a bionic arm of their own.

Why They Did It:

The generosity of Cameron and the team behind Alita struck a chord with many fans, as well as the themes of the movie being about a bionic warrior finding her true self. The lucky recipient of this bionic arm was a boy by the name of Samuel, who said the first thing he was going to do was “Show his friends and family”, to which the host of the event, Ben/Vladdie777, said how it’s “The coolest thing ever”. ]

You can watch the video below:

Other Fundraisers By The Alita Army:

These Alita fans are passionate about the movie, so in the past, they have also hosted successful campaigns to fly banners over Disney Headquarters in Burbank to plead with Disney to make an Alita trilogy. Similar to the successful Disney Adapt Percy Jackson campaign (which Percy Jackson creator Rick Riordan started), the creators of the “Alita Battle Angel” film promoted the “Alita Army” as they have fought for a sequel on social media.

So, Will, There Be An Alita Sequel?:

Unfortunately, “Alita Battle Angel” wasn’t a billion-dollar blockbuster, but that shortcoming can be mostly blamed on film critics who don’t understand manga and anime who slated this film on release (this film is a minimum of ten thousand times better than 20th Century Fox’s live-action adaption of “Dragon Ball”, critics just don’t get it).

At the time of writing this, there has been no confirmation from Disney about whether or not Alita will get a sequel, but Robert Rodriguez, along with Rosa Salazar, are fighting to get Disney to make an “Alita Battle Angel” part two. We will have to wait and see for now, but these charitable moves by “The Alita Army” show how a movie can bring people together to help one another.

“Alita Battle Angel” is streaming on Disney+ in the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

If you want to request “Alita Battle Angel” to be streamable in the US, then go to

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Ethan Holloway

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    "(this film is a minimum of ten thousand times better than 20th Century Fox’s live-action adaption of “Dragon Ball”, critics just don’t get it)." Right!